La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX. Su autor, Hermann Broch, figura junto a Kafka y Joyce. Hermann Broch was a novelist, playwright, mathematician, and engineer. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of .. Nelle ore che precedono la morte, Virgilio riconsidera con una nuova.

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The Death of Virgil

It was in this dismal and foreboding setting that he began work writing this particular novel. In depth, and existentially.

OK, so Virgil is a randomly chosen vehicle for existential angst. Mmuerte 16, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know there are people who can enjoy this style, as I can see on these pages of G I can take a hard bite, when it comes to difficult literature, but this one just went too far for me. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize and considered one of the major Modernists. Maravilloso es quedarse corto Lists with This Book. Finally, in Air – The Homecomingall fetters are removed, and the mind soars where it may.

The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch

More radically than Joyce, it subverts the time-structure and linear progressions on which prose fiction is normally built. This was one of the more exhilarating and unique passages I have read in quite a while.

So finally, why doth one need a prize for ploughing through this black lava flow of a narrative? May 21, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: With the use of third virbilio narrative that often seems like a “stream of consciousness” Hermann Broch is able to put the reader inside the head of Virgil for much of the book.

Surely he was also the boundlessness aiming towards the flight! Account Options Sign in. In his exile, he helped other persecuted jews In was published his masterpiece, “The Dead of Virgil”. Is there a Christian presence? The final chapter exhibits the final hallucinations of the poet, where Virgil voyages to a distant land at which he witnesses roughly the biblical creation story in reverse.


Epic theme, interesting exiled author Viennese Jew fled to the States and wrote this after the trauma of fascismlyricism, density, blurbs from heavyweights like Hannah Arendt and George Steiner. Of the seven high-built vessels that followed one another, keels in line, only the first and last, both slender rams-prowed pentaremes, belonged to the war-fleet; the remaining five, heavier and more imposing, deccareme and duodeccareme, were of an ornate structure in keeping with the Augustan imperial rank, and the middle one, the most sumptuous, its bronze mounted bow gilded, gilded the ring-bearing lion’s head under the railing, the rigging wound with colors, bore under purple sails, the festive and grand, the tent of Caesar.

Hermann Broch

She chanted in just the same soporific tone of complaint as she walked–slowly, slowly–between our rows of desks, announcing the basic laws of the dialectical method–making the pauses between the words long enough for you to fall asleep as she asked the fundamental philosophical question for the hundredth time While reading this one gets the sense that there is no purpose in life, that we are just along for the ride, while natural laws and theoretical ideas are only toys we use for exercising the gifts of reason and story.

The Sleepwalkers is a trilogy, where Broch takes “the degeneration of values” as his theme. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This totality is reflected in great works of art like Faust and the late works of Beethoven. There’s also a servant in the room. Di fronte all’assolutezza della morte, Virgilio percepisce l’inconcludenza della propria vita e della propria opera.

May 22, David M rated it it was amazing. For a more complete listing, see the MLA bibliography. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in Now, I do find the fleshless union with Plotia, along with part 4, the Homecoming, to be the most lyrical and magical renditions in the book, but still. Aug 02, Jacob Hurley rated it it was amazing Shelves: From this foundation rises Earth – The Expectationwhich in the dialogue with Augustus – murte that discusses the nature of art, power, death, glory and duty – that forms the herrmann of the novel, returns us to the world of the real, though the fantastic is close at hand.


Loved it, by the way, so that was time well spent. brodh

Perhaps the final three sections of The Death of Virgil will suggest answers to these and other questions. It isn’t just the subject or the experimenal writing, since my favorite Woolf is The waves, so I’ve come to realize that it’s Broch’s language that throws me out.

Even though Virgil dearly loved the life of study and thought in Athens he was torn by his memories of home as he arrived in Brundisium: The basic straight-forward story is short vrgilio quickly told: Just go with it, Man. Metafiction is somewhat of a bore to me, so the third section had me skipping ahead a few times. What goes through the mind of a poet on the verge of death? And could one assume that the Aeneid would be vouchsafed another or better influence? I jest, of course, but only in part.

Hermann Broch – Wikipedia

He even says his Georgics are useless, inferior to any expert treatise on agriculture. Is that the fate of all poets? I would therefore suggest reading it relatively quickly, and not lingering on each individual pronouncement of profundity.