Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — De Garengeot’s Hernia. De Garengeot hernias are femoral hernias that contain the appendix. It is a rare phenomenon, with only 1% of all femoral hernias containing the appendix (and. De Garengeot hernia should be suspected in an elderly woman presenting with signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia. The differential.

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A case of De Garengeot hernia and literature review.

ThomasMD, B. We recently found some cases that were successfully treated using the laparoscopic approach, in the literature. APr and TK are surgeons from another Hospital who helped in the collection of literature references and review analysis.

Appleton Century Crofts; ; Laparoscopic appendectomy was initially performed, followed by hernioplasty via the anterior approach to prevent properitoneal contamination.

Abdominal enhanced computed tomography imaging showing a the enhanced tubular structure in the femoral hernia and b the caecum. De Garengeot hernia is a rare entity that requires early treatment in order to avoid complications. In our case, laparoscopic findings revealed an inflamed and necrotic appendix. Please review our privacy policy.

Diagnosis of a femoral heernia in the elective setting. The incarcerated hernia sac was reduced via the extraperitoneum, and it was then ligated and resected via laparoscopy Fig.


de Garengeot hernia with appendicitis treated by two-way-approach surgery: a case report

Presentation of case An 86 years-old male patient, comes to Emergency Department complaining of painful bulging in the right inguinal region, associated with local inflammatory signs. The preoperative diagnosis is difficult, and most patients end up being taken to the operating room with the nonspecific diagnosis of incarcerated hernia. Int J Surg Case Rep 2 5: The degree of garegneot of the appendix was proven histologically in all 34 cases.

After identification of the sac, the adjacent tissues were dissected, and the sac was opened. The patient was taken to theatre for a right sided exploration and hernia repair under general anaesthesia.

De Garengeot Hernia

Initially a right inguinal incision was performed. In both cases preoperative CT was utilised to reach the correct diagnosis. Traite des operations de chirurgie. Ruptured appendicitis in femoral hernias: The skin was closed with reabsorbable poliglecaprone 25 suture and a pressure dressing applied. Computerized tomography can help defining the preoperative diagnosis and surgical planning as well, but it does not change the surgical approach that is indicated to cases of incarcerated hernia.

Unexpectedly the sac contained a vermiform appendix Figure 1C emerging from the femoral canal along with a small quantity of clear fluid negative for bacteria. D Inflamed skeletonized appendix after ligation of the appendiceal artery. Fukukura Y, Chang SD.


De Garengeot hernia | Radiology Reference Article |

Open in a separate window. The appendix was seen to disappear into the hernia sac. J Surg Case Rep 7: The pathological findings showed acute purulent appendicitis. She had no known allergies. The postoperative recovery was uneventful.

A case of De Garengeot hernia requiring early surgery. It is a rare condition that presents with a swelling mass in the groin, gaeengeot is often tender. His abdomen was soft, non-distended, and non-tender with normal bowel sounds on auscultation and no signs of bowel obstruction.

A year-old lady presented to the emergency room with a right groin mass that had appeared suddenly 4 days before and then gradually increased in size. She was seen twice afterwards as an outpatient, once for garengrot of the drain and a second time for removal of staples.

Note the oral contrast in the colon, past the ileocaecal junction.