Sholom Secunda’s If Not Higher is a musical dramatization of one of Isaac Leyb Peretz’s most famous short stories, “Oyb nit nokh hekher.” This story also forms. IF NOT HIGHER. And the Rebbe of Nemirov, every Friday morning early at Sliches-time, disappeared, melted into thin air! He was not to be. If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz. Taken from Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond, a 10 CD set available from our store at.

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They have never been told any such thing, of course, by their rebbe, who keeps his whereabouts a mystery. And the fire of his joy Spread like a golden dawn Fusing soul to soul into one soul: Turning to Hebrew and Yiddish writing, he eventually and increasingly fixed his focus on the latter as the language of a rapidly expanding secular Jewish readership.

And without further ado he goes in. An artless time, A time of woe, but a time of faith. Although he continued with Yiddish poetry, the major efforts for which he is noy remembered are prose: If those values could be extracted to become encompassed instead by modern, nonreligious Jewish culture, their religious origin could still be acknowledged.

This is their own conclusion. By that time he had become the towering figure in modern Yiddish culture, for which he would be remembered in perpetuity.

If Not Higher – Milken Archive of Jewish Music

An excellent joke, to be left alone with the Rebbe at Sliches-time before dawn! And the Lithuanian, with amaze, sees the Rebbe take his hatchet and strike the tree. As a member, your support helps our ongoing work rescuing, preserving, and translating Yiddish books, and presenting innovative programs that celebrate their content. The Rebbe puts them on. The Lithuanian steals in behind him, and sees, in the gray light of dawn, a poor room with poor, broken furniture.


That was ultimately the position that was adopted.

My Notes – An Education Material Portal For Students, Teachers and Researchers: IF NOT HIGHER

i.l.pfretz Despite his undiluted distaste for some of the narrowness and abuses embedded in Hassidism, notwithstanding his undiminished commitment to modernity and culture over uncritical religion, he had come by then to recognize that traditional Judaism including its Hassidic paths had given birth to unimpeachable and perpetually relevant moral and ethical values. His door stood open, people went in and out as they pleased—no one ever stole anything from the Rebbe—but there was not a soul in the house.

Original authorship of stories, just i.ll.peretz original composition of tunes, can be accomplished initially in unwritten form. All this the litvak witnesses in amazement, and he is instantly persuaded: Peretz did not diminish his condemnation of the corruption, ignorance, and perpetuated superstitions of Hassidism, but he found a nuanced way to use Hassidic and other Jewish il.peretz environments and incidents to reexamine their merits on moral and ethical planes and to serve as a collective backdrop against which he could portray some of the diversity and mystery of an aggregate Jewish culture.

And so the Jews of Nemirov, As they had done since before they could remember, Rose in the hjgher To entreat, to petition, To pray. Righteous, wise, and learned, Ripe with knowledge and wisdom, Rich in his deeds.

If Not Higher, by I. L. Peretz

Though his primary concern was the defense of Yiddish and its core legitimacy, he could not sanction discarding Hebrew from its vital place in Jewish history and culture. And the Rebbe of Nemirov, every Friday morning hgher at Sliches-time, disappeared, melted into thin air!


Thereafter, he was relegated to employment within the bureaucracy of the Jewish communal structure in Warsaw. At the same time, it echoes perceived Hassidic flavors, beginning with its opening passages. The id circles of its Haskala-infused Jewish population had been, historically, on the side of rationally based opposition to Hassidism.

In addition to a work schedule that afforded him much more time to write and to advocate on behalf of a Jewish culture movement, he dealt directly with the full spectrum of Warsaw Jewry. First, the rebbe here fulfills the mitzvot of charity and kindness.

The Yiddish Burlesque Theater in Toronto 2 bh 8 seconds. In one of the back streets he stops beside a poor, tumbledown little house, and taps at the window.

His Hassidim,or flock of followers, explain with certainty to the visiting litvak that they know where their rebbe goes: If Not Higher was composed in during the period i.l.perehz Secunda was turning his attention from Second Avenue Yiddish theater and other popular Jewish songwriting to more classically oriented endeavors.

He was not to be found anywhere, either in the synagogue or in the two houses-of-study, or worshipping in some Minyan, and most certainly not at home. He was not to be found.

The Lithuanian trembles, but he persists. The Holy One, they say, Receives with singular love Prayer in the night. And you, you have such a great and mighty God, and you do not trust Him! More information about this oral history excerpt Themes: