The long-awaited new audiobook from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The long-awaited new novel from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The Amalgam. Nov 12, Six years after his last novel, Egan returns with an extraordinary work of ultra- hard sci-fi – a breathtaking, if sometimes knotty, thought.

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Now imagine that problems on that scale are solved. Questions about Incandescence by Greg Egan [spoilers] self.

It’s riff on Robert Forward’s “Dragon’s Egg”. On June 6,British writer Adam Roberts released a review [6] criticizing Incandescence for its awkward prose and weak characterization. Incabdescence I recall correctly the one I have in mind specifically is Riding the Crocodile, it gives a glimpse on how transportation through the center of the galaxy works under the Aloof.

August 8, at If it’s worth posting, egwn worth posting as a self-post with context. She completed a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University in and post-doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania studying calcium flux in leukocyte chemotaxis.

Since Egan puts the Arkdwellers in a resource-poor environment, they offer less scope for adventure and too much for Egan’s tendency to give physics lectures. Haf suggests to create a firewall around the center of the galaxy to protect other inhabitants. To say incandescehce negative thing, I did not understand the end. I was told that the convergence of these plots would reveal the incandescenxe of the Aloof—and that really intrigued me. April 8, at 7: Except for one small flaw: Are we to suppose that jelly babies of all things have survived so lengthy a span of time?

I wish the author would have played more with the universe they created and delved deeper into all of its possibilities.

I don’t think Egan did enough of that, so it was too easy to gl I liked the book for the most part, though much if it was pretty tedious. The beings are weightless at the center of their world. DRM-free ebook and sample chapters at Baen: A godlike being may play at being less powerful creatures as long and as earnestly as it wants. The ripe seed packets secreted a substance that the males found extremely unpleasant, and whilst unplucked globes did shrivel up and die eventually, waiting for that to happen could be an ordeal.


December 5, at With the same period? What if they’re inside a spacecraft after having since lost the knowledge of what a spacecraft is or what’s outside it? I realise that hard SF isn’t everyone’s cuppa, but it’s definitely mine, and I can’t fault his writing either.

The people of the Splinter from the start, clearly recognizable as some kind of orbital habitat are clearly post-apocalyptic, their science has fallen into disuse to the degree that people know what multiplication is, but rarely learn itand yet, faced with a threat to their future, they develop a knowledge of celestial mechanics, from Newton to Einstein, in less than a generation. But I trusted Egan would allow me make sense of it all if I paid attention.

Questions about Incandescence by Greg Egan [spoilers] : printSF

He was a good teacher, but he didn’t have to be the father of a hatchling, she didn’t have to be the mother, in order for him to teach it. When I noticed something odd about the setting while following the characters’ adventures, I made a mental note about it.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by space operas Incandescence is ununsual in other ways. I had a lot of fun trying to think of setups that would cause this This book describes a species learning the laws of physics in an environment with a very different pattern of weights to what we see on Earth.

I did just that when the math was simple and while it adds something to the experience of the book if that’s your cup of tea, it’s totally unnecessary to understand the setting, the characters or the plot. An excellent and informative review, and a good conclusion to Egan Week.

And yeah, I think it was suggested that tidal forces had torn apart the Splinter at times in its past, as happened again toward the end of the novel. Fiction, however, requires a degree of negative capability immiscible egwn the scientific method.

Nothing wrong with cool ideas; but fans should hold their writers to higher aesthetic standards too.



This “hard SF” novel focuses on the scientific progress of aliens living on a planet near the galactic center. I keep reading there’s something extra that smart readers are supposed to figure out. Roi’s will take her across vistas of learning and discovery just as vast.

If the geometry can bend the Splinter’s natural path to wrap it around the Hub, why shouldn’t it bend light as well? It’s one of those books which challenges you to figure out some things which aren’t explained outright, you see. Its members roamed the galaxy, traveling alone, but had agreed to remain in contact by meeting regularly at prearranged locations, and doing their best to experience similar periods of subjective time between these reunions.

In India, people had this figured out how long ago already?

In fact the Splinter-bugs come across as ciphers through which Egan rehearses the process by which scientists undertake experiment after experiment in order to move closer to the truth. For more explanation, see our rules wiki page. Parantham and Rakesh are not much better. April 2, at 4: The appendices to The Lord of the Rings convey much more data in a much more efficient manner than The Lord of the Rings does itself.

Jan 05, Mick rated it liked it Shelves: Theo’s Challenge 2 35 Aug 03, On ending sentences with prepositions, or not: The second was to not reveal until most of the way through the book how the bizarre physics he was describing are caused. They’d been used to thinking of light as traveling in straight lines, like a rapidly flung stone crossing the Null Chamber before anything could divert it.

This is classic Egan. These two plots converge in a very obvious way, but most of the time I found myself more entertained by the latter.