Memmert Products. Universal ovens U. Incubators I INE. -. INE INE INE INE INE INE INE INE – natural air circulation. Memmert Incubator INE excellent convection L null Products Home. New MEMMERT INE Incubator For Sale – DOTmed Listing # Specifications: Year of Manufacture,

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PID- Temperature control units with integral self diagnosis system Integral digital timer 1 min to 99 h, 59 min for switching- off heating after preset operation time Digital display of set- and actual temperature and rest run time Double excess temperature protection Basic Memmrrt, with natural blast convection.

Additional Pt temperature sensor, positioned flexibly in chamber or load, for local temperature measurement up to 3 additional sensors are possible. The 5 most important from intuitive operation to personal after sales service are listed here. Entry port, 38 mm clear diameter, can be closed by flap, in special positions at the back please, state location.

Plug-in tube extension outer diam. Case Studies Let us take you into the fascinating world of Memmert appliances, which we have collected on our user platform. This is why Memmert is one of the leading suppliers of temperature control appliances worldwide.

Manufacturer Specifications – INE 500, Memmert

Entry port, 23 mm clear diameter, for introducing connections at the side, can be closed mekmert flap, position left centre top.

External measuring instrument with sensors for daylight and UV-light. Entry port, 57 mm clear diameter, can be closed by flap, in special positions at the back please, state location.


Entry port, 23 mm clear diameter for introducing connections, can be closed by flap in special positions please, state location – rear. For this reason, the heating and control system of Memmert incubators are perfectly adapted to each other. Subframe, adjustable in height size une to For standard- temperature control tasks with a set- temperature value. It is our passion for details that determines the outstanding quality of our temperature control appliances.

Memmert INE Laboratory Incubator – Manufacturer specifications

External measuring instrument with sensors with additional measuring head inw temperature and humidity measurement. Flush-fit unit stainless steel frame covering gap between oven and wall openingwith air slots — technical clarification required.

We are dedicated to good taste. Alongside CAD, computer projection and augmented reality, car designers still use a very traditional method to bring their designs to life.

Memmert Precision incubator INE 700 – 416 L

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Clay, an industrial plasticine, is heated and stored in a precise and thermally safe clay oven, producing life-size models. Stainless steel slide-in drip tray, 15 mm rim may affect the temperature distribution – cannot be used in connection with option K1.

Triple Overtemperature Protection — in case of overtemperature due to failure, the heating is switched off at approx. PID- microprocessor inw with Fuzzy- support and self- diagnosis system Parameter setting for set temperature, real time- week- clock timer and program- run 1 min to h per segment for temperature control profile with max.


Memmert custom design takes care of modifications or develops ie solutions. There are many good reasons to opt for a Memmert heating oven, incubator or climate chamber. Oven-linked authorisation licence User-ID-programme on Memory-stick, prevents undesired manipulation by unauthorised third parties.

Even slight temperature deviations in the working chamber memmsrt an incubator may cause a test to fail. Subframe, on castors size 30 to Fan speed monitoring with switching off the heating and with alarm in case of failure — optional for IFplus only.

Waiting, heating, holding dependent on set temperaturecooling Digital display of all temperature-weekday-time-ramp segments- and set- up- specifications Data ind RS incl. Entry port, 23 mm clear diameter, for introducing connections at the side, can be closed by flap, position right centre top.

Temperature restriction – Memmmert Ventilation and Control — natural convection — continuous adjustment of pre-heated fresh air admixture — une connection with restrictor flap — fuzzy-supported PID microprocessor controller with integrated auto diagnostic system with fault indication — solid state switching unit — 2 Pt sensors Class A in 4-wire-circuit, mutually monitoring and taking over the performance at the same temperature value — digital 7-day-programme-timer with real time clock, precise minute setting, for one set value or ramp operation in combination with: Innovative heating, cooling and operation: