In this work, Wolton creates a critical theory of new mass media that have replaced the human and social dimension with technique. It is urgent to throw off the. Buy Internet y Despues? / Internet and Beyond (Mamifero Parlante) by Dominique Wolton (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. “Ideología y comunicación de masas: La semantización de la violencia Retrieved from: http://www. e45acf/ Wolton, Dominique (). Internet, ¿y después?.

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And through this cyberspace, people can fight against the homogeneity caused by the neo-liberal interests driven by cultural industries, so criticised by the Frankfurt School. The great university sell out.

Web surfing encourages a sort of multitasking consumption type, which is opposed to the comfortable attitude domiique when watching traditional TV. The most notable decline occurs in participation through comments, although in all cases we are despuues about percentages of interaction that do not go over the twenty decimals.

Undoubtedly, the data collection is one of the toughest stages of this investigation, in addition to its subsequent analysis. Later, the rapid growth of the network bandwidth and its direct influence on the emergence of videos, woltom Castells to rectify, seven dexpues later in a public speech, his theory and to state that television broadcasters should ally with the Internet if they wanted to survive Castells, In the same direction, Dominique Wolton warned that the reality is less multimedia than it seems.

Most of these videos that accumulate thousands of visits throughout their life are video clips. All data collected shows that the participation of the viewer of online videos is insignificant, considering the possibility to rate and leave comments and video-answers.

The deepening social crisis in America. Los rasgos fundamentales del estado se caracterizan por mantener a la sociedad divida en clases. Lago de Ingernet Km. We must highlight that eight videos were removed from the sample, woltpn may induce to an error in the results.


Universe and total sample. When we talk about interactivity of an active internet userwe refer to the interaction that goes beyond the choice of content, the deferred consumption of content, or what we call the clicking: The number of people who rates a video with one or five stars is even lower: It is supposedly a true story domlnique the tragedy lived by a family due to a prank made by a child about the use of Catalan to a company.

Sin embargo, ahondar en esto rebasa los objetivos de este trabajo. Average percentage of YouTube viewers who make comments, rate videos and video-respond based on the sample of the 15 most viewed videos until December However, it is not this participation that we are going to analyse among Internet users, but the one that is performed during the watching of audiovisual content.

: Dominique Wolton: Books

Although we do not know the number of users that decide to register and upload videos due to the lack of information from Google, the study did quantify the degree of interaction among Internet users.

The exposition of results proves the hypothesis from an empirical and quantitative perspective. The authors dispute the widespread myths and the few studies that suggest that most Internet users exercise the interactive potentiality of this medium.

But we are going to quantify the number of Internet users who choose to only watch in comparison to those who actually participate. The study revealed the passive character adopted by YouTube viewers, who are in an environment that offers great possibilities of interaction. And, as it will be detailed in the methodology section, we chose the leading website in video consumption in Spain: The information collected included the number of comments and ratings left in each video.

The Cocktail Analysis The company only said that YouTube works to improve search personalization and to innovate in advertising. The information collected included the number of comments and ratings left for each video. In this line of research there are some studies that affirm that Internet TV was born with a component of social participation and interaction of which it can no longer be detached The Cocktail Analysis, This sample aims to analyse the maximum degree of interaction since it includes the 15 videos that have received more comments and accumulate Todo va a cambiar.


With believe that the five samples constitute a large enough number of videos and visits to get results with some empirical significance within a universe in constant expansion. Information and the crisis economy. All videos collected and taken into account in this research were taken from YouTube Spain. Present and Future of the television offer on the Internet and mobile technology. Quantitatively, this article investigates the behaviour of users based on the analysis of videos and , visits.

This sample will allow us to observe the evolution of user interactivity. YouTube allows video searches according to the following distinctions, among others: Table 7 shows the data reflecting a high potentiality of interaction: But, what if Internet users watch online television on the Web with the same passivity with which they used to consume traditional broadcast television on the TV box?

Internet y Despues? (Spanish, Paperback)

Average Percentage of YouTube viewers that comment-on or rate videos sample of the 15 most viewed videos until February YouTube media player screenshot taken during the data collection in January For example, the first video with over 18 million views is a music video from Nelly Furtado.

While some authors affirm that it is just a trendy word, a marketing product, and a pointless term, this author accepts it as a new paradigm. The sample covered 15 weeks and a total of videos and 11, visits.