So I looked around for either a reader or something to convert them to pdf files which may be less clever than djvu but at least everybody in the. Download IrfanView PlugIns. IrfanView PlugIns package offers additional file formats and effects for IrfanView. The version of the IrfanView DjVu plugin () was found to be less than . As such, it is reportedly affected by a heap-based buffer overflow vulnerability.

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Can anyone help in simple language please? If you do mean kilobytes then you can just zip the files and attach them to the forum Go advanced below the message box. Let people download a djvu — since IrfanView plugins will let anyone view djvu files I don’t see this as a problem.

Ah – does that mean I have to save the file s on-line somewhere? My uploads folder is set to allow files of djvy to 2 Gbytes. I tested with one that I have and it worked fine.

Graphic PluginsIrfanView Plugins. Hi, First of all I have to say I am not computer expert by any means, but I will have a go if I have dead-simple, blow-by-blow instructions!

The huge file sizes of PDF format are just too troublesome for distribution, hosting on servers, etc. I downloaded it but there must be more to it than just downloading it because it still wouldn’t convert.


I tried converting another djvu file to pdf and that wouldn’t convert either.

Now my problem is the conversion starts OK but the little green blocks get stuck near the end and it all falls over. The IrfanView PlugIns collection’s installation is straightforward and deploys all content within the PlugIns directory of your IrfanView installation location for rjvu usage.

Irfan View Plug-ins – Free Download – Tucows Downloads

Although the progress bar doesn’t seem to update after a while, the process runs to the end, using a modest amount of RAM and CPU cycles. It didn’t work straightaway, I had to download some plug ins too which stretched my ability a little but I did it.

Its free, fast, and there are no annoying ads. IrfanView is not just an image viewer. It may be that I have my postscript settings too high. Nothing on my computer seems to match what has been written. It would do it but it seems I have to convert each page individually irfanvew pain! This impressive set truly brings added value to an almost encyclopedic supported file formats list.

Irfan View Plug-ins 4.52

John Actually, since I posted that – maybe it is this Ghostscript thingy I need? This particular set of plugins is everything you need in order to cross the boundaries of simple picture viewing and handling within IrfanView.


The djvu files are 8. Of course, it can open virtually any image format, but it can also get support for a wide variety of media files by using a collection of plugins. The sizes are in Mbytes, not Kilobytes, which explains why the archive dkvu too big to attach to the forum. I have downloaded a rare technical manual of some pages contained in four djvu files of 25 pages each approx.

Irfanveiw did create a pdf file but it won’t open saying it needs Ghostscript. Well it saved OK, but it was 4 Mbytes instead of Kbytes. It undoubtedly and radically remodels the way we see IrfanView by irranview widening the spectrum of supported file formats and the available operations.

I am going offline now, so the ircanview won’t irfsnview available for a few hours. Hi, thanks for replying! The Ghostscript help file is certainly not written for someone of my limited computer knowledge, it is barely readable.

I am at my wit’s end!!

Download IrfanView ALL plugins

All I want to do is convert four files to pdf!! So I downloaded Irfanveiw. The PDF file is Mbytes.