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INTERNATIONAL ISO STANDARD First edition Rolling bearings — Damage and failures — Terms, characteristics and causes Roulements. Failure mode ISO Subsurface initiated fatigue. Is this normal Fatigue Failure, how many of you get to see a bearing actually fail. ribo lo gy, the Science fo r Maintenance. Fatigue on Inner Race. Ref.: ISO Rolling Bearings – Damages and Failures – Terms, Characteristics and Causes.

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Countermeasure Check form accuracy of adjacent parts and improve them, if necessary. Examples of rolling bearing failures are given in Annex A, together with a description of the causes of failure and proposed corrective actions. Every care has been taken to ensure that the file is suitable for use by ISO member bodies. The fatigue crack striations are clearly visible in the fractured isso of the cage bar in the enlarged lower image in Figure In full complement bearings cagelesssmearing can also occur in the contacts between rolling elements depending on lubrication and rotation conditions.

Running path pattern uniform in width, axially displaced and extending around the entire circumference of the raceways of both rings. These should not be mistakenr for electrically caused flutes see 5.

Tool blows isoo against hardened rolling bearing part. Countermeasure Assure good alignment and, if possible, rotate slowly when entering the cage and roller assembly. Countermeasure Check dimensions of adjacent parts. Finally, the wear becomes an accelerating process that results in a failed bearing. The large number of articles and books written on the subject confirms this see Bibliography.


BS ISO – Rolling bearings. Damage and failures. Terms, characteristics and causes

Smearing can also occur between rolling elements and raceways when the load is too light in relation to the iwo of rotation. Cracks usually appear at right angles to the direction of sliding see Figure Countermeasure Check load and mounting conditions. Countermeasure Check loading conditions and, if needed, select a more suitable bearing. Click here to sign up.

The explanation can include a description of the failure, probable primary cause of the failure and comments. The failure mode designations shown in the subclause titles are recommended for general use, but similar expressions or synonyms 15234 given within parentheses below the titles. Skip to main content. Consideration is restricted to characteristic forms of change in appearance and failure that have well-defined appearance and which can be attributed to particular causes with a high degree of certainty.

15423 particles from the cage are rolled into and become attached to the raceways. Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. An enlargement of the seizing is shown.

Countermeasure Use protection devices during transportation. The raceways are dark in the bottoms of the depressions see Figures 20 and Inadequate radial internal clearance can cause similar damage. Furthermore, overloading can occur by excessive preloading or due to incorrect handling during mounting see Figure Avoid excessive forces acting on cage. In all cases, knowledge of the actual operating conditions of the assembly and the maintenance history is of the utmost importance.


The flutes are equally spaced. Consideration of each feature is required for reliable determination of the cause of bearing failure. Assemble split housings properly.

BS ISO 15243:2017

Running path pattern axially displaced and may, or may not, extend around the entire circumference. Countermeasure Improve izo cleanliness. Check the application conditions regarding loading and vibration.

Select appropriate clearance and lubrication.

Dark discolouration of the bottoms of the fluting isk. In the case of a stationary bearing, the depressions appear at rolling element pitch and can often be discoloured reddish or shiny see Figure The running path pattern is widest in the direction of the radial loading. In downloading this file, parties accept therein the responsibility of not infringing Adobe’s licensing policy.

In some instances, failure is due to a design compromise made in the interests of economy or from unforeseen operating conditions.