Read an excerpt from Iyanla Vanzant’s book, Peace from Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through. Peace From Broken Pieces is part biography/ part self-help book, and is very much Iyanla Vanzant, famous modernly for her Fix My Life series, straight up tells. Peace from Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through. BY Iyanla Vanzant. New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant recounts.

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I would also hid and be invisible, I would clean the house just so she would leave me alone. Vanzant is selling or preaching, you may get through a few pages, but after that, it is going to require more effort than it should to finish.

Peace from Broken Pieces Audiobook | Iyanla Vanzant |

Through it all she shares her wise and poignant spiritual insights, and I was left feeling encouraged and inspired to continue evolving on my own spiritual journey! I wanted to love this book. It is a touching story. And when I read this while, in my late teens, I peacw to admit just the ideas presented about spirituality, and pathologies hit me in such a way that I had to really reflect.

Awesome What an amazing book!!

vansant Sep 14, Valerie rated it liked it. Which character — as performed by Iyanla Vanzant — was your favorite? Aug 10, Andrea Ward rated it really liked it.

Wisdom comes from her lips like an ocean to my soul. I absolutely HATE when good books are ruined in audio version because of boring, snoring, robotic, unhuman sounding narrators. This woman has overcome so much–she’s a true warrior of lif I saw Iyanla on Oprah’s Lifeclass on OWN last week and decided to read this book after she referred to one of the concepts in it.


There she talks of family pathology or family patterns; things that run in the family. Who was your favorite character and why? The book is cleverly structured; it’s really an examination of the experience and impact of the death of her daughter to cancer, but the first half is like a prologue laying the found Kind of like a follow-up to “Yesterday, I Cried,” where the author uses her personal experiences to impart wisdom to her readers. I was very down after reading this book.

You can hear who she really is and all the emotions she went through. For everyone has gone through something. Really, the only negative thing I could say about the book is that it will lead you to think that perhaps you should read her other books.

I have been told her by friends that she is a wonderful inspirational speaker in helping broken relationships, but how can you give advice when you don’t have the same skills in your own relationships with your parents, husbands, or children?

Food for my Soul First off I’d like to brokfn thank you for sharing your life’s story. This was done by Iyanla herself and it made it so enjoyable to listen to. It will give one strength and courage they didn’t know they had.

It brought me tears in my eyes multiple times.

And those lessons were not easy. Read a differe Iyanlva Vanzant has written lots of wonderful stuff and I think she is an amazing teacher and speaker, but this book is a disappointing and self-pitying mess. I try really hard to not stay in my story. Her voice, as always, conveys an emotion pleces faith that simply would not come across in writing.


Iyanla Vanzant’s Peace From Broken Pieces [Book Review] | Wherever I Look

My father abused my mother before the divorce and I for a while was drawn to the wrong types of men. However, that said, Iyanla is not known to paraphrasing neither am I and at times she goes into a Frlm long form relaying of a story that goes on and on and could have been told in a much shorter fashion. Can life experiences just happen because it is life? Talking about the need to break generational I see Iyanla Vanzant pouring her heart out in this book.

Ppieces same time period, she tells Gemma it’s about time she moves out on her own since she is 25, an adult and a mother.

For, as a whole, there is something very humble and non-judgmental about this book. Now she sees herself doing some of the same peacs she saw or heard that her mother did. Do you think God seriously works that way woman?

Iyanla Vanzant’s Peace From Broken Pieces [Book Review]

I would definitely recommend this book and read it again. This is my first audiobook ever. My emotions have been tested whilst listening with several chapters in the book bringing out weeping whilst the author takes you through her sorrow, strength and ffrom journey.

I recommend this book and all the teachings or Iyanla Vanzant. Please read this book, it will change your life.