How do I remove Designed by and the JM Tube logo on the (I’ve paid for magento developer, but the JA Copyright removal is. The line “Designed by ” OR “Designed by ” is allowed to be removed if you are holding a Developer package or. How to remove the Joomla! footer. If you want to Change the Joomla footer text to show the Copyright symbol, current year, Your Name.

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First, thanks for your help! Just Sharing March 15, at 4: I would be very, wary indeed: From Joomla Backend go to: Anyone got any idea?

Removing the “Joomla template designed by GavickPro”

Just Sharing August 30, at 4: Different version need different way and different file s to edited. I used the Contact us link in the bottom menu of their home page. Anonymous March 25, at 3: Posicionamiento de web October 9, at If that’s the case, then you cannot be any more wrong! Perhaps I can inform the team and request for them to check on the channel. copyrigbt


Copyright Removal

Anonymous November 21, at 3: Just Sharing March 14, at 4: Glad to help you all. Just Sharing November 29, at 2: Hi jmb, Thank you for your inquiry.

Now the “Not a member? Less hassle; more productive. Just Sharing November 12, at 7: After a little searching from forum to forum Login to post a comment Username. Did you used JA Wezen template for Joomla 1.

A Big Thank You to: I am using Joomla 1. Just Sharing October 5, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home. This theme comes with 5 default colours.

I found the folder in the theme. In the template for Joomla 1. Anonymous March 15, at Hope this is what you need. How do I do that? They are working on the official announcement regarding to that.

Unfortunately, even we try to find it line by line, we will not find the phrase “designed by Joomlart. Current Status After you opened these, you can find text: Well, seem JoomlArt have moved “default.


Copyright Removal Magento Documentation | UberTheme

Dear Sr, I am working cooyright Ja rave in Joolam 1. I’d like to remove from footer “Designed by Joomlart. Open these articles under Newsflashes Section and Newsflash Category: Sign up now” and when you click on this image, it brings you to the Joomlart website sign up page. Sorry to post here not getting an answer there.

Ahmad99 October 3, at 7: