In January , Jeffrey Katzenberg, then the head of Disney’s motion wrote a memo that ended up being circulated throughout Hollywood. In late January , fax machines were humming all across Hollywood, spreading the news that Jeffrey Katzenberg, then head of production. Cameron Crowe’s Jerry Maguire has plenty of memorable scenes, little moments that have lodged in pop-culture consciousness long after.

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Then why don’t you ever transform in your youtube videos? JozefKApr 18, C’mon – it needed to be said. A Bug’s Life wasn’t specatcular, especially when compared to other Pixar films, but it was still good.

What’s worse is that the first film he produced using the philosophy in the katzenbreg — The Rocketeer — was intended as an “inexpensive blockbuster” with lower-cost actors and non-profit-participants The memo, intended only for internal consumption, ended up being printed in full in Variety.

Disney Chairman Michael Eisner privately fumed about the leak. In the memo, he gives a list of proposed solutions: Movie stars were bad for business. The character isn’t even in the original book.

VidiotSep 21, Even hit action films like the Bond films break the formula and try different things once in a emmo. PaulKTFApr 18, Where’s my pizza rolls?


Jeffrey Katzenberg “The World Is Changing” 1991 Disney Memo

Your name or email address: Sell a movie in the stores for 6 months, then never let it out again. In fact, Katzenberg’s animated products tend to follow the “Kids movies aren’t just for kids” recipe a little too closely for my taste.

We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Looking back, I wish The Princess and the Frog was a bigger hit. Looking back, he was right: The decision-making pyramid should remain short and squat, with a minimal distance between the place where the ideas come in and the verdicts get delivered.

Disney’s TV channel is powered by a vast army of adolescent apprentices, all of whom seem able to sing a little, dance a little, kafzenberg a little and do a little comedy. When there is fear and uncertainty, the people have craved bargain entertainment…. MikaelaArsenault and ky like this. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. Fist of Etiquette Everyone should read the book Disney War. Yes, my password is: Pixar has always been three steps ahead of the company Katzenberg went on to found, DreamWorks Animation, both in terms of commercial consistency and awards-season plaudits.


We succeeded spectacularly in kazenberg a new business and re-starting the cycle.

The Katzenberg Memo [Part 1]

Click here to register, or here to login if you already have an account. Do you already have an account? Sounds like a plan dude. I wish the smart-alecky Shrek franchise would spend more time entertaining my kids and less time trying to entertain me.

Certainly not for a long period of time. That memo was widely circulated around LA within 24 hours, and I think Jeffrey was very embarrassed by the amount of criticism he and the memo received. VidiotApr 18, Joshua Corning is correct.

How Year-Old Katzenberg Memo Changed Disney – Hit & Run :

Now, there are ominous signs of the stagnation of Maturity which leads inexorably to the disaster of Decline. I loved Disney’s return to traditional Cel animation even though it was solely that film only. This theory is formally called the Product Life Cycle.