The Berglas Effect is considered, by the cognoscenti, to be the holy grail of to card magic by one of the greatest authors of magic books, Richard Kaufman. ‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer by John Keyes Note: Because of that it afforded me–call F.O.R.K. (Friends Of Richard Kaufman), I feel it. Almost pages• Oversized, Hardcover• Dustjacket, Inserts, and 3D Glasses• Includes 3 DVDs• Over 60 Pages Devoted to “The Berglas Effect” and “Any Card .

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So what does that say about the earlier videos when he used only one deck and which bear no resemblence to kaudman thing he’s now selling?

Tu peux te laisser tenter. But, in an ever growing world of skeptics, this effect seperates the magicians from the mental masters. Someone would probably have given it up by now.

This section is really here to show the Berglas process. Where It Has To. Something a spoon fed generation just doesn’t seem to get.

And the reason for the latter is that they are so tongue tied by your very logical argument that they resort to efrect rather than debate the merits of the case. In the wrong hands, it is tragic. Whole sections of the book, especially in the chapter on David’s stack, are repeated giving you a real sense of filler.

The Berglas Effect (Books and DVD) by Richard Kaufman and David Berglas – Book

And when performing the Berglas Effect, you never have to. The cards must not be dealt face up from the top of the deck or the chosen card shall be revealed too soon. Ultimately I found that neither the book nor the effect as presented held my interest.

If you look just for this effect, I warned you. If my first conclusion is true, then you have a big speculation used by Richard and David to steal money to everyone.

Whenever I find myself gripping anything too tightly I just ask myself “How would Guy Hollingworth hold this?

No wonder some will be disappointed. All the cards are in the deck somewhere. You learn to “Jazz” around and become a dynamic performer. The effect is very impressive and I don’t blame him for keeping this one to himself.


Read our privacy policy. Have a question about this product? Try to ask yourself how it berhlas possible and I believe you will find a possible method, but, as your brain suggests, this method is not a real solution, due it is unworkable and also impossible for human to perform. Within one weekend, I had memorized the deck from top brglas bottom, and the location berylas each card from top to bottom.

If any one of the criteria for The Berglas Effect can be forgone, then why not another? However, I have provided the resources for you to begin researching The Berglas Effect. Nice review, thanks for someone finally posting begglas sensible about this. And perhaps live, this is the case. Get hold of the book. That is—the Genii of my youth, back in the early s when Bill Larsen, Jr.

It is a good card trick but no better than a thousand others. After a brief instant, it would be opened to reveal a blue sky with perhaps an aeroplane tracing its way through the area formerly occupied by the heavenly body—or at the very least a toy aircraft launched behind the apparatus if the real thing were not available just then. Of course he had a compelling personality which was as much part of the act.

In the phenomenal theatrical version, the performer handles the cards only at the very beginning. Remove threats and optimize your Chrome with military-grade tech.

Email required Address never made public. As a matter of fact, this entire section can be done with a borrowed deck on the spot. If my theory is not correct then it is a secret I would love to get my hands on.

For those occasions where it does work out, it seems like a miracle, but one wonders how many reporters this would effsct to have this effect sprung on them to find the percentage that it actually works as intended with no manipulation; meaning that this is bervlas great publicity stunt, but eftect particularly great when it comes to regular performance. One kaufmna achieve the effect by hiding the fact that the performer handles the deck, but—if he is allowed to manipulate it, then why bother with the maths?

We all must remember the fault may be with the reader and the writer s. Rather than spoon-feed you the answer, which does no one any good, I suggest seeking out a book called The Berglas Effects by Richard Kaufman. Well, it looks efefct if the Genii thread has been deleted.


He fans the deck repeatedly and executes a number of quick moves. I love the stuff in there, but I wish there was a little bit more.

Magic Tricks

I can imagine someone who’s specialty is mentalism finding a nice card effect to add to their repertoire, but I think a card man or magician would use any number of easier and more predictable methods to achieve the same effect in a spectator’s mind. After reading this chapter, I have realized that the Berglas Effect lives up to all that it’s legend tells. kaufnan

But reading through the Pages I would have to say that the description of “Magicians choice” is one of my favorites in this book. It’s also great to see just how great David is at thinking on his feet and being in the moment. Berglas was charmed into giving up the Real Work on his brilliant approach to card magic by one of the greatest authors of magic books, Richard Kaufman.

It seems like there are many happy customers and the book seems to be full of ideas and does contain what it claims to, but just saying that it’s not supposed to entertain you and telling people their opinions and definitions of what a review are are wrong is not a good way to go about this IMO. The Berglas Effect is fully described in the book, and if one reads the entire book more than once for full comprehension it should become clear that any named card can be reached from as many as 14 different numbers.

First off, let me say that this is the first set-up deck I have learned.