The from Keithley is a 20 channel differential multiplexer with automatic CJC. The CJC sensor is mounted on the multiplexer module’s PC board and it. Buy Keithley Digital Multimeter for RTD, Thermistor, Thermocouple Browse our latest data-acquisition-accessories offers. Free Next Day Delivery. Keithley Ch Differential Multiplexer Module w/Auto CJC/Screw Terminals for , , – at the Test Equipment Depot.

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Connection is provided with simple low cost Category 5 Ethernet cabling.

Add customized applications to the DAQ to enhance the instrument’s capability. Using the TSP language to create a script, the user can display messages for an operator in an automated or a semi-automated test system.

For example, the DAQ can send commands to a temperature chamber to operate at specific temperatures and 77000 a scan when the chamber has reached the programmed temperatures.

The low frequency, multiple pole switch modules can allow measurement of voltage, 2-wire- and 4-wire resistance, and frequency. DAQ Large, 5-inch View Cart My Account Use the scan status, swipe screen to continuously monitor channels. Save bench space and cost with an instrument that performs like a DMM and a data logger. In fact, the DAQ can execute an automated sequence entirely without a PC thus saving test time and reducing the capital cost of the system.

The D-sub connectors minimize downtime when changing plug-in switch modules during system maintenance or during the setup of a new test system. Use a TSP script and the TSP-Link interface to execute a test for instrument-to-instrument communication without interaction with a computer.

For example, measure the temperature of devices in an environmental chamber with thermocouples using the plug-in switch modules that have automatic cold reference junction compensation for thermocouple measurements. NEW Data Sheet 3. There are two additional protected channels for current measurements. Use the DAQ with its front panel terminals to troubleshoot a test setup, a circuit, or to verify the value of a component.

For maximizing measurement speed, make measurements as short as 0. The chart below shows all of the DAQ’s 15 measurement functions and ranges. Its factory-installed applications that allow the creation of a modified display to show data from multiple channels; and report plug-in module relay closure counts that enable determination of when a plug-in module needs to be replaced.


That is the minimum set of parameters needed to run a test. The DAQ has the built-in intelligence to execute a test script, make decisions, and control other instruments.

Used Keithley Instruments 20 Channel Multiplexer Card | MATsolutions

In addition to keithlye indication of measurements in an overflow condition, limit settings can be programmed for any channel. This makes KickStart a great solution for your datalogging needs and for capturing lots of data from transient events with a digitizing DMM.

Then define both the time interval between measurements and scans if multiple scans are required. Thus, channel performance can 7700 verified during set up or debugged if keitlhey measurement is out of the expected range before the test is executed.

Visualize, Execute, and Debug Your Test Setup in Minutes Build a test sequence and define the required measurements from one setup screen.

Thus, when relay switch closures approach the manufacturers’ relay life specification, the switch card module can be replaced during keithely maintenance. Test scripts can contain any sequence of routines that are executable by conventional programming languages including decision-making algorithmsso the instrument can manage every facet of the test without the need to communicate with a PC for decision making. A quick view of the display can give an indication of the status of the test at any time during the test.

This channel expansion bus allows connecting multiple DMM’s, other TSP-enabled instruments, and any LAN-based instruments together to form a tightly-synchronized instrument system. KickStart allows you to configure, test, and keithleg data from multiple instruments, including DMMs, power supplies, SMU instruments, and dataloggers. The keitley is organized in a master-subordinate configuration, essentially allowing the connected instruments to act as one.

Furthermore, a channel can be programmed for enhanced measurement features to address requirements for tighter tolerance or higher speed.

This can significantly change the way information is displayed or even automated while running a test. Make your measurements with instrument-grade quality. Channels can be configured for any DMM measurement. Automatic CJC is provided so that no other accessories are required to make thermocouple temperature measurements.


TSP scripting allows running powerful test scripts directly on the instrument, without the need for an external PC controller. Also measure other parameters in addition to temperature. A large 5-inch The touchscreen, graphic display shows the channel setup and the measurement programmed for each channel. Next, assign a measurementfunction to a channel or a group of channels. The measurement on that channel is displayed next to the closed channel. The Keithley DAQ Data Acquisition and Logging Multimeter System is a precision data acquisition and logging system that creates a new level of simplicity compared with the often complicated configuration and control found in many stand-alone solutions.

To avoid unplanned downtime, ksithley DAQ’s plug-in switch modules have counters for each relay that monitor the number of relay contact closures.

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You can choose the interface that is most suitable for your needs. A number of modules have cold junction compensation, temperature references for thermocouple temperature monitoring of devices during environmental testing, and HALT and HASS accelerated life testing.

Data can be viewed in a table or displayed on a plot without interrupting an automated scan sequence. Build a Keithley DAQ test system with a selection of 12 plug-in switch modules with a wide range of functionality. Also select a control module and keothley RF modules with 2 GHz and 3.

With 12 plug-in switching and control modules available and two module slots, you can build a test system that can measure or control up to 80 devices-under-test DUTs in a multiplexing configuration.

The Series plug-in module offers 20 channels of 2-pole or 10 channels of 4-pole multiplexer switching that can be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers.