Kip Thorne, the physicist who wrote the book on black holes (and time warps), discusses the new physics he’s most excited about, and exactly. Black Holes & Time Warps has ratings and reviews. Kip Thorne, author of Black Holes and Time Warps, is one of three Nobel laureates for Physics. Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy. Kip S. Thorne, Author, Stephen Hawking, Introduction by W. W. Norton & Company $30 (p).

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Jan 09, Landon rated it really liked it. Do not be discouraged by the size of the book pages.

It’s a handy reference to anyone wanting to dip their toes in the workings of the world, and substantial enough that you won’t be left hanging in any slightly more in-depth discussion on the same. Feb 04, James F rated it really liked it Shelves: The Science of Interstellar There are problems in th Originally published on my blog here in August There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

May 14, ala rated it it was amazing Shelves: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thorne wastes no time, initially taking the reader on a visit to black holes of various sizes, though widely separated in distance, in our galaxy. Thorne in fact is strongest for the novice reader when dealing with the history of the physics community”.

Black Holes and Time Warps – Wikipedia

The central theme of the book is gravity and what happens when it becomes far more powerful than we know it to be in our solar system. In the s came Stephen Hawking ‘s startling prediction of black hole evaporation, powered by quantum fluctuations near the event horizon.

He was insufficiently confident of the power of the intellectual tools he already possessed and did not drive his thought to the very end because he felt instinctively that new ideas and new methods were necessary to go further than he and his students had already gone. Jan 29, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: And in the last decade, particularly the last five years, thanks to supercomputer calculations, we’ve begun to learn about space-time when it is behaving like it’s in a storm.


With this finding was born the modern era of molecular biology and genetics. I read it cover to cover, twice, and came away with a combination of understanding and deep confusion – not from any problems with the delivery, but because the subject matter itself is deeply complex.

As it happens, it was built and operated for several years but detected no gravity waves.

Other experiments that don’t involve a multi-billion-dollar machine have also searched tije the “bulk,” but so far those have turned up nothing. This book tells the story of the science of black holes despite the title, “time machines” feature only in the last chapter, where it is concluded that they most likely cannot exist.

Calla studied physics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is originally from Sandy, Utah. Anyone who struggled with that book will find here a more slowly paced but equally mind-stretching experience, with the added fascination of a rich historical and human component. If you are interested in learning more about black holes and time warps and are willing to reread every paragra I thorn always been interested in anything related to quantum physics. But these are not merely incidental biographical sketches to leaven the scientific exposition.

Blac, the sun moves away, the distant star appears to move back into its normal place. It is, in fact, surprisingly readable,and is stocked with helpful diagrams and illustrations to gui A fascinating if somewhat mind bending overview of the truly bizarre and non-intuitive nature of cosmic space-time and general relativity. Jul 21, Lauren rated it really liked it.


What’s New in Black Holes? ‘Interstellar’ Physicist Kip Thorne Tells All

Thorne overcomes this without beating the reader to death with This is a fantastic book, and makes me wish I had become an astrophysicist. Gravitational Waves for …more In a way, it’s nice reading it and knowing that since it’s publish date, many timr the theories have been validated by now.

To me some concepts were a bit hard to understand for examp I bought this book in randomly, but never had the chance to read it until recently. In the movie “Interstellar,” the “bulk” is called “the fifth dimension. When I was reading it I didn’t know, for instance, about the distinction between theorists and experimentalists, and I ate stuff like fime up.

Black Holes and Time Warps: A Conversation with Kip Thorne

I found the book as interesting as many spy stories, and have only given it 4 stars instead of 5 because I had hoped to learn something about time loops from it, which was not really touched on despite mention in the description. I read this book when I was just going into high-school, and in sparked a long interest in astrophysics and quantum boles.

Any books related to the universe I would read. Thorne is among the best out there in terms of what he writes about, the writing itself, and his ability to move the holee reader along toward a greater understanding of a reality that is totally unlike anything we know on earth. Kip Thorne, the Feynman Professor of Physics at Caltech, is best known to the general public for his wormhole “time machine” proposal.