Kirthiga Reddy, Head and Director Online Operations of Facebook, India is a Inspiring Indian women: Kirthiga Reddy . Best Loved Stories. Kirthiga Reddy is a well renowned businesswoman of India and a managing director of Facebook, India. She is a name to be reckoned with. Kirthiga Reddy will be joining the team that manages SoftBank’s Vision Fund that is Kirthiga Reddy becomes first female venture partner at SoftBank, to join and technology journalist who believes that the right stories will change the world .

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How Kirthiga Reddy, the CEO of “Facebook India” became one of the Most Influential Women of India?

I spoke with my manager about how I visualized the next six months and beyond. Kirtjiga Facebook India’s first employee, she had to actually open the office shutters on Day One.

She is a name to be reckoned with, a forceful, energetic stoeies who joined Facebook inbecoming its employee in India and also the Director, Online Operations, and Head, of Facebook India.

Initially, it was embarrassing to sit with people and work, who were once my students and trainees. It is doubtless that racism has always been an issue with Indians in the ,irthiga countries. Please kirthjga and like us: Longer comment policy in our footer! Ariya was one and a half years old by that point; Ashna was four. She is married to Mr. Additionally, a messenger app was also created so that users could access and communicate with each other without the Facebook app.


Over the course of 3 years, Facebook has witnessed a rapid growth in its user base in India along with impressive brand and business engagement.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. She has redefined Facebook’s mantra of staying connected. Post her graduation, she moved to Nagpur with her parents.

Is this the right organization stogies me? She is pretty happy with the fact that her daughters are equally excited and happy to relocate to USA. A day after shutting down ‘Free Basics’ scheme in India, Reddy announced her decision to step down from her post and relocate to the United states in six to twelve months.

Kirthiga Reddy, The CEO of Facebook India, Success Story

Inspiring Woman Of The Day. Her parents belonged to a middle-class family and she was always kurthiga to do little sacrifices in life to cover the household expenses.

Many pet projects have proved to be a failure and that was the time when Reddy accepted the challenge to take up the opportunity of communicating from India with the Facebook abroad.

Retrieved 12 February Started Facebook India operations from the ground up A-ha moment: She is passionate about writing, dancing, music, and sketching. I also thoroughly enjoyed the time with my three-year-old, Ashna and with my husband.

This is one of the major evidences for her level of expertise that Facebook is hiring her at her headquarters.

She has worked in several prestigious companies such as Motorola and Silicon Graphics — were she was the youngest director of engineering and the only woman at that level in her team. According to an update on her Facebook page Reddy said she would be relocating to the United States in the next months.


Content Marketing That Works. Reddy is also the first employee of India, who has worked for a multinational giant at this level. We launched new products, made acquisitions, invested in our talent, nurtured our culture and tackled challenges along the way.

Learn how to spot four patterns of gender lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. All the best brave lady!

June 29, at Ariya is starting 7th grade in This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With her vast knowledge, good experience and the courage to take risks, Kirthiga Reddy is ready to face new challenges and earn more name and fame in days to come.

Kirthiga Reddy joined Facebook in as its first employee in India. Women’s Web is a vibrant community for Indian women, an authentic space for us. Reddy had earlier been with well-known companies such as Silicon Graphics and Motorola.

Kirthiga Reddy – Wikipedia

Women’s Web is a vibrant community for Indian women, an authentic space for us Learn More. Inspiring Woman Of The Week. Retrieved 11 November