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Execute the following command: Easy and simple way: This example creates a book node, adds attrubutes to that node, and then adds that node to the document. One of them moves a node higher in a list. It can be downloaded from the Azure code samples site. Gets or sets a value indicating whether to preserve white space in element content.

The data in the object container file is compressed via the default Deflate compression codec from. Konwertuje IEnumerable do IQueryable. The third and fourth examples show how to serialize and deserialize data by using the Avro object container files.

Adds the konwerguje node to the end of the list of child nodes, of this node. Sign up using Email and Password. Gets the qualified name of the node.


Sign up using Facebook. Gets the XmlDocument to which the current node belongs. It also shows how to deserialize them to recover the original kinwertuje.

Returns a string that represents the current object.

Need a unix timestamp in a specific timezone?

It uses JSON to define a language-agnostic schema that underwrites language interoperability. Casts the elements of an Kobwertuje to the specified type. Your document is composed of nodes. Namespaces are extracted from the JSON schema, using the kondertuje described in the file mentioned in the previous paragraph. NET Framework 4 version. Normalize Normalize Normalize Normalize.

Gets the root XmlElement for the document. The only node that does not have a parent node is the document root, as it is the top-level node.

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Imports a node from another document to the current document. You can also get a collection of nodes by using the name of the node.

Gets the XmlElement with the specified ID. The following are required before you install the library: When the data schema is known to both the writer and reader of the stream, the data can be sent without its schema. The sample has the following prerequisites: Gets the markup containing this node and all its child nodes.


Attributes Attributes Attributes Attributes. Zacznij od schematu XML, podobny do tego.

Zapisywanie plików w formatach XLS i XLSX

A sample containing the code for this example can be downloaded from the Azure code samples site. Creates an XmlEntityReference with the specified name. Occurs when a node belonging to this document is about to be removed from the document. This schema defines the data types in the XML and which attributes are required.

Creates an element with the specified name. To test the utility, you can generate C classes from the sample JSON schema file provided with the source code.

Inserts the specified node immediately after the specified reference node. For a description of this member, see Clone. You can choose where you want a node to appear in your document by using the InsertBefore and InsertAfter methods.

Gets the local name of the node.