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The KX is one of two KT based motherboards from ABIT; the board is clearly enthusiast targeted as it neither features CNR slots nor. ABIT KX – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT overview and full product specs on CNET. Available in this download is the latest BIOS update for Abit KX or KX7- R motherboard. The update features support for AMD Athlon.

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ABIT KX7-333, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

Because of this, no good thermal protection is built into the motherboard, which is a bit of a disappointment considering that the board was released long after Tom’s Hardware Guide brought attention to the issue of thermal emergencies and the Athlon XP processor.

There kx also a temperature sensor located inside the socket which is where most motherboard monitor software gets its CPU temperature readings. This is surely not a bad thing at all, but it was worth noting in this review. The question on many of your minds will probably be: Log in Don’t have an account?

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The lack of any on-board audio header seems to be more of an image thing rather than a cost saving instrument as it doesn’t give the KX that big of a price advantage; the lack of any on-board audio plays perfectly into the misconception that on-board audio requires more CPU time than add-in cards. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. ABIT has always been a favorite among the enthusiast crowd since their boards are often targeted solely at that market. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. When we initially reviewed the Abit AT7 Motherboard a few months ago, we were very impressed with its speed, features and overclockability. This is not the best place for the sensor to be located as it is not directly touching the core, however, it is able to give you an average idea of how hot your processor is running.


For example, rather than including firewire, 6-channel audio and 4-channel RAID, this time Abit has kept the legacy ports, scrapped the onboard audio and only included 2-channel RAID. Firstly, its lack of legacy ports will obviously be a problem for users still using legacy devices, and secondly, the board is far from cheap.

Abit KXR KT Motherboard Review

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. This is a smart decision as not many people own devices that require these slots anymore and they usually end up taking up space on the motherboard that can be used for other things. The end result was the KXR. You can find products similar to this one for ix7 below.

Abit KX7-333R KT333 Motherboard Review

Realizing this, Abit set out to create a KTbased motherboard for the mainstream market; keeping the legacy ports and a few of the AT7’s features but losing the ultra-high price. Subscribe to our Newsletter. The chip supports stripe sizes from 64KB up to 2MB, which is much more flexible than the competing solution from Promise which makes it the ideal choice for motherboard manufacturers.

However, two things stopped it from being a motherboard for everyone. It may be based on the same chipset as the AT7, but it really is quite different in ix7 ways.

ABIT KX – VIA KT Motherboard Roundup – June

The IDE and Floppy connectors ,x7 also smartly placed, allowing easy installation of drives once the board has been installed into your PC. Subscribe to our Newsletter. In fact, we could only run the board reliably with two memory banks populated at DDR speeds with the timings set to automatically adjust according to the modules’ SPD logic. To be fair to ABIT, most motherboard manufacturers still have yet to implement this functionality; it won’t be until their KT boards ship before we see the ability k7x read directly from the processor’s thermal diode.


The board also ships with two extra USB 1. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. It is also worth noting that there is a small piece of plastic under the lugs of the CPU socket.

ABIT has almost always been enthusiast-centric and only a couple of years ago decided to really pursue the OEM market at all. The board features six PCI slots jx7 a single AGP 4X slot for expansion, which is necessary because the board is pretty bare from an integration level e.

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. With no more than two DIMMs installed in the test bed we did not encounter any stability issues with the board. In some cases, we could get three modules to work relatively well but overall you shouldn’t count on using more than two sticks of memory in the 333d without sacrificing stability.

The lack of integrated features has also allowed Abit to include more enthusiast features on the KX7 such as 6 PCI slots, compared to the 3 slots seen on the AT7.