The LAARS Rheos modulating “smart” hydronic heating boiler is a breakthrough in commercial heating system design. Now, for the first time, engineers and. Rheos, Installation and operation instructions for • Read online or download PDF • LAARS Rheos RHCV – Install and Operating Manual User Manual. Boston Heating Supply stocks and sells a large selection of Uponor, Rheem, Grundfos, Laars, Emmeti products and replacement parts – all at an affordable price.

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Delayed Ignition – Possible Causes Safety Gas Valve Freeze Protection – Boiler Water Connections – Rheos Boiler Table of contents Table Of Contents In fact, the Rheos only takes up half the floor space of conventional units.

Locating The Appliance In addition, flexible horizontal or vertical venting options and low clearances allow placement virtually anywhere. Gas Supply And Piping Temperature Control – Water Heater Modulating Gas Valve Heat Exchanger Coil Gas Pressure Switches Freeze Protection – Water Heater Water Flow Requirements – Water Heater Control Packs B E.


Please read our Terms of Sale notice carefully before placing an order.

Water Flow Requirements – Boiler Don’t have an account? Rheos Connection Sizes Gas, air, water and venting connections in inches.

External Control Connections Appliance Maintenance And Component Description Modulating “Smart” Boiler Saves Money! The Rheos saves fuel and runs more efficiently two ways: Laars Heating Systems Co.


Temperature Control Features Orlando, Florida USA All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of rheoz respective owners. Internal Water Heater Temperature Control Gas Valve Regulation Hot Supply Connections – Boiler Specifications subject to change without notice.

Remote Water Heater Temperature Control Minimum Output Setting Water Connections – Rheos Water Heater Intake Combustion Air Manual Reset High Limit Control Vertical Combustion Air Terminal Short Cycling – Boiler Side Wall Combustion Air Terminal High Gas Consumption To Restart The Rheos Temperature Control – Boiler Filling The Boiler System Motorized Safety Valve Head loss calculations apply only to LAARS OEM heat exchangers and allow for thirty feet of piping the same size as the heater outlet and, typically, five to six fittings.


Submittal Data without pump Submittal Data with built-in pump.

Shutting Down The Rheos Cold Water Make-up – Boiler Sequence Of Operation Side Wall Vent Terminal Vertical Vent Terminal Venting And Combustion Air