Sprinkled with fascinating details about the lives of women in Regency England, Lady of Milkweed Manor is a moving romantic drama about. The Lady of Milkweed Manor was Julie Klassen’s first novel and, in my opinion, it is her best. The Lady of Milkweed Manor tells the story of four. Prologue. When first I knew her, I thought her an amusing scrap of girl, silly and a bit grubby from her mornings spent in the gardens. When not pottering about.

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And similar to Jane ‘s growth from innocent girlhood to woman, Charlotte also follows a similar path, Lady of Milkweed Manor is a well written novel that will appeal to older teens and adults. She paid for her mistakes, but became selfless, and found more love with the other women in the Manor and her son, than with her own family. Webb and his assistant, Mr. It was sad, too, and it didn’t end “just so. This is a strong start for Klassen.

Additionally, there was some detail about how the woman became disgraced, as tastefully as possible, I suppose. At one point, a character even says that it Interesting to learn about the practice of being a wet nurse and how they were viewed.

Then came her promenade dresses, evening dresses, and gayer day dresses.

Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen

They’ll be in by and by. One scene that did stand out to me in particular was the closing sc A very nice tale by Ms.


Lady of Milkweed Manor was a good read, though not my favorite Klassen book. For me, now a married man, a physician of some note, a man of standing in town.

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Lamb is a strict, legalistic Anglican minister who is scandalized by his daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Bethany House Publishers Availability: I’d recommend this, if you’re not offended by the romance of the thing.

It broke her milweed and minebut she understood that she was doing what was best for her son. The Savior, 1 Author: The actual instance of sex isn’t particularly racy.

He deserved to know, and, if she decided to do so, that would be an excellent scene I would read biting my nails. BethanyHouse Publishers pp.

Dec 04, Kalena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lady of Milkweed Manor is probably one of the most bittersweet Christian romances I’ve ever read. Have you ever watched a movie and thought, they really didn’t know where to end this, did they? The mabor keeps evolving. The Savior’s Champion Series: No trivia or quizzes yet. Its being listed as Christian fiction, added nothing special to the plot except making it more fitting to the moral standards of the regency period, and therefore more plausible.

However, when Charles’s estate home burns, Charlotte seeks to comfort him, but when things go too far she finds herself “ruined”.

Review – Lady of Milkweed Manor ~ A Book and A Teacup

Discussion Milkweedd are included in the back of the book to facilitate book club conversations. She quietly made her way down the stairs and glanced at the silver tray resting on the hall table.


The redemption of certain Like what other reviews said, this book is a lot darker than I had expected especially as a Bethany House publication. We know how you lying-in girls get toward the end.

Prologue When first I knew her, I thought her an amusing scrap of girl, silly and a bit grubby from her mornings spent in the gardens. Two of her most serviceable bonnets went into her bandbox. This is truly one of the most mllkweed gripping novels I’ve ever read and it is sure to make my best of list.

Klassen draws somewhat upon Jane Eyre, with the inclusion major the doctor’s wife who is insane and locked away in an upper room at Manor House. Lary – The Queen’s Handmaid. Books by Julie Klassen. With one last look at her mother’s things—hairbrush and combs, cameo necklace and butterfly brooch—she left the room and walked quickly back to her own.

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,ady Perhaps that solicitor friend of Uncle’s had given false information about this place. Review – Lady of Milkweed Manor. I had to find out what would happen to Charlotte.