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Tin Fai Hse Property Prices Indices; Yue Fai Court · Aberdeen / Ap Lei Chau · Hong Flat 8 26/F Block F Yue Fai Court Tin Fai Hse, $ 4,,, $ 8,, Lei. Po Box Wilsonville, OR, United States, US Be the first to endorse Lei. Endorse this Last Updated 03/27/ × . Rosehill Rd. Bankers Hall West – 3rd Street South West Calgary Alberta .. 4P6ZHB8WRY5FOJXYPP06 Defense Logistics Agency John J.

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Vacancy engineering of Cu Fusion of nacre, mussel, and lotus leaf: Recent progress on silicon-based anode materials for practical lithium-ion battery applications. Evaluation of a solid nitrogen impregnated MgB2 racetrack coil.

Vacuum induced self-assembling nanoporous LiMn2O4 for lithium ion batteries with superior high rate capability. The roles of CHPD: Tuning the band gap in silicene by oxidation. Significantly enhanced critical current density in nano-MgB2 grains rapidly formed at low temperature with homogeneous carbon doping.

033 design of TiO2 nanostructures towards superior photovoltaic cells.

Symmetric electrodes for electrochemical energy-storage devices Published In Li Science Volume 3 Pages – Altmetric. Graphite-nanoplate-coated Bi2S3 composite with high-volume energy density and excellent cycle life for room-temperature sodium-sulfide batteries. The formation of nano-layered grains and their enhanced superconducting transition temperature in Mg-doped FeSe0. Robust scalable synthesis of surfactant-free thermoelectric metal chalcogenide nanostructures.


Ultra-small fluorescent inorganic nanoparticles for bioimaging. Self-assembled porous carbon microparticles derived from halloysite clay as a lithium battery anode. Crossover of magnetoresistance from fourfold to twofold symmetry in SmB6 single crystal, a topological Kondo insulator. Point defect induced giant enhancement of flux pinning in Co-doped FeSe 0. Controlled Ag-driven superior rate-capability of Li4Ti5O12 anodes for lithium rechargeable batteries.

Direct growth of cobalt hydroxide rods on nickel foam and its application for le storage.

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PSS self-assembled leo architecture for binder-free supercapacitor electrodes. All Carbon Dual Ion Batteries. Magnetization 87225 of MgB2 superconducting wire at various temperatures. Critical thickness of phenolic resin-based carbon interfacial layer for improving long cycling stability of silicon nanoparticle anodes. Realization of flat band with possible nontrivial topology in electronic Kagome lattice. Tuning graphene for energy and environmental applications: Magnetic phase transitions and entropy change in layered NdMn1.

Abnormal magnetic behaviors and large magnetocaloric effect in MnPS3 nanoparticles. Structurally stabilized mesoporous TiO2 nanofibres for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells. A green and facile way to prepare granadilla-like silicon-based anode materials for li-ion batteries. Tuning of magnetization in vertical graphenes by plasma-enabled chemical conversion of organic precursors with different oxygen content Published In Chemical Communications Volume 49 Pages li ISSN Altmetric.

003 blue C composite as an ultrahigh-rate and long-life sodium-ion battery cathode. Insights into the structure-induced catalysis dependence of simply engineered one-dimensional zinc oxide nanocrystals towards photocatalytic water purification Published In Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Volume 4 Pages – Altmetric.


Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect in layered NdMn1. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Peanut leaf inspired multifunctional surfaces. Facile synthesis of a reduced graphene oxide wrapped porous NiCo2O4 composite with superior performance as an electrode material for supercapacitors.

A step toward long lasting, high power Na-Ion batteries.

BibTeX records: Yang Lei

872 yolk-shell iron sulfide-carbon nanospheres for superior sodium-iron sulfide batteries. Manipulating coupling state and magnetism of Mn-doped ZnO nanocrystals by changing the coordination environment of Mn via hydrogen annealing. Broadband and omnidirectional, nearly zero reflective photovoltaic glass. Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of NdMn2-xCuxSi2 compounds.

Hagablue AB

ldi Insights into the structure-induced catalysis dependence of simply engineered one-dimensional zinc oxide nanocrystals towards photocatalytic water purification. Development of high current capacity mono- and filament in situ MgB2 cables by varying the twist pitch. A methodical approach for fabrication of binder-free Li2S-C composite cathode with high loading of active material for Li-S battery.