La novela luminosa/ The Bright Novel by Mario Levrero, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. All right, I’m wondering if anybody here has read anything by the Uruguayan Mario Levrero. I managed to read a few pages of El alma de. Booktopia has La novela luminosa/ The Luminous Novel by Mario Levrero. Buy a discounted Paperback of La novela luminosa/ The Luminous Novel online.

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When you read it you understand what a novel is: All the same, Levrero is an intelligent man, and he’s excellent company; his account of his friendship, which develops over a chessboard, with a priest by the name of C? Equally entertaining and moving is his story of his relationship with a prostitute he identifies with nothing but an initial.

The time now is One of the most important novels in Latin American literature in recent years. Onetti and doesn’t much like Fuentes, Bola? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

The luminous novel (La novela luminosa) | CBQ

Luca DoninelliIl Giornale, Italy. The rest of the book is “The Bright Novel” properly speaking; it is more memoir–and a good one–than novel. I’ve read Levrero with delight nivela Spanish and, in fact, I’m currently reading his “Novela Luminosa”, maybe his masterpiece. Letras Libres From beginning to end, we are dealing with a challenging voyage through the lucid head of a great writer.

Levrero wrote this novel after receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship. Levrero is somehow an “obscure master”. Still, it doesn’t seem to be in print, and it’s certainly not in a library anywhere near me.

Other books by the same author. A separate chapter is dedicated to women, particularly Chl, who feeds him and takes him on the few walks he takes around Montevideo in search of books by Rosa Chacel and the detective novels he reads obsessively.


Novel Alfaguara, Penguin Random House,pages. OMG, this has to be the longest, most uninteresting prologue ever! I al read Dejen todo en mis manoswhich I didn’t think was as good as La novela luminosa. I’ve been thinking about reading more Levrero, including the titles you mentioned, but where I am they have to be ordered It was interesting at the beginning to read about an author doing nothing, working on Visual Basic programs, collecting every crappy mystery novel he sees, etc.

A bunch of crap about paranormal encounters and religious pseudo-miracles grapes found in a hallway.

After you finish this torture the actual novel starts Then I will take Borges!! Results 1 to 7 of 7. First, four-fifths of the “novel” is made up of a section called “Diario de la beca” “The Fellowship Diary”the diary of a year or so Levrero spent on a Guggenheim fellowship.

Is he translated into English? The fear of death, love, the loss of love, death, old age, poetry, and the nature of hovela, the luminous, inexpressible experiences: Mario Bellatin By e joseph in forum Writers. If you don’t want to read it, you can at least look at the pictures.

novrla Doubt it’s ever been translated, either. Contact World Literature Archive Top. The excerpt below will perhaps suggest why I regretted parting ways with Levrero: Some of Levrero’s other books are available, but I hesitate to order them. La novela luminosa I finally ordered and read La novela luminosa “The Bright Novel” and am posting here to deliver my verdict.

La novela luminosa/ The Bright Novel

From beginning to end, we are dealing with a challenging voyage through the lucid head of a great writer. Not only that, the author quickly looses focus, the narration is shoddy, as the author constantly is apologizing for going off-topic, and the author is a real dick with homosexuals, dogs, even opera singers! It started great, with the diary full of quirky and funny remarks. It will be never be published in English, which is a shame, as I don’t know of any English-language writers do anything remotely like Levrero has done.


I managed to read a few pages of El alma de Gardel on Google books and it struck me as excellent. That was literally the miracle. Historia oral de la cerveza.

The wind that lays waste El viento que arrasa. La novela luminosa No, Guillaume, there’s nothing by Levrero in English.

La novela luminosa / The Luminous Novel : Mario Levrero :

Its novelz and how difficult is to get the novel in Spanish is what has put me away from this commitment. I still want to read Levrero but I think I’ll start with something else. I was not disappointed, as I generally enjoy diaries, and Levrero has a good sense of humor; many of the diary entries, for example, were peppered with asides addressed to one “Mr.

Levrero is not only luimnosa and obsessive, but his prose is kind of “tender”, very readable, surprisingly simple La novela luminosa I finished this book yesterday. La novela luminosain short, is characterized by a great freedom of form and content.

I don’t really know, but if he is, find him and enjoy your reading! What started as quirky devolved into a self-indulgent mess.