Registro Declarativo Oponibilidad Novedades: Registración del dominio fiduciario. Nuevos Documentos inscribibles. Fideicomiso en el Nuevo. Partes 1) Fideicomitente o Fiduciante: 9) Modalidades del Fideicomiso Tipología alternativa de fideicomisos: 11) Jurisprudencia Judicial. FIDEICOMISO INMOBILIARIO Definición Art. Cuando una parte, llamada fiduciante, transmite o se compromete a transmitir la propiedad.

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However, many of the amendments are welcomed. As mentioned, the Resolution brings about the regulations and general resolutions issued in the past decade, thus re-arranges those former fideicomisp incorporating also certain applicable jurisprudence and the opinion of scholars. It should be noted that only in these cases the spouses are jointly liable.

Index of /archivo/2016/legislacion/nacional

Click here to sign up. The former civil code provided a legal, imperative and immutable regime. The CCC allows for the future spouses to protect their personal property and keep it away from the marital partnership.

Provisions common to both regimes.

Were the assignment of the claim to be executed during the period of suspicion, the act might be deemed as not opposable for bankruptcy creditors and, if applicable, the assigned credit fdieicomiso be incorporated into the bankrupt estate.

However, in our opinion, the contractual regime may perfectly provide for applicability of bankruptcy proceedings onto said assumption. Based on this last reason, the bankruptcy solution is not precluded either by virtue of the fact of the inexistence of legal personality of trust assets.

The Books of Authority have affirmed that the declaration of bankruptcy might affect the financial trust instrument whenever latter might entail a corporation organized with the sole and exclusive purpose of receiving claims or values that shall serve to support issuance of securities to be offered to investors.

Trusts are now regulated in Chapter 30 of the CCC, which incorporates suggestions of legal scholars and case law with respect to certain issues of interpretation and application of trust law. En resumen, tenemos varios cambios por digerir en muy poco tiempo.

The regime terminates upon dissolution of marriage or by modifying the regime agreed on between the spouses. Once marriage is dissolved, the undivided property, which could lead to conflict of interests, will be divided in accordance with the provisions regarding inheritances set forth in the CCC. The CCC introduces the concept of improvement, which was unknown in our legislation, allowing for the decedent to reduce the reserved portion in order to exclusively improve it for disabled heirs, whether they are descendents or ascendants.

The fund is not vested with legal personality whereby it cannot be subject to insolvency proceedings. Section 23 of the ACL provides that any of the partners can represent the company showing the bylaws of the company. There was a vacuum of power. In the event that the spouses decide to change the regime, the amendment must also be made by Convention and by a notarially recorded instrument.


Fideicomiso by Franklin Obando Centeno on Prezi

The purpose of the asset shall certainly determine its fate insofar as the trustor bankruptcy proceedings are concerned. El CCC introduce varias modificaciones que pueden afectar a nuestros clientes. As can be noticed there are only two rules within the TA that expressly refer to the bankruptcy proceeding issues and two other rules that virtually do so based on their reference to non-bankruptcy final liquidation solutions.

Section of the CCC establishes that in the event that no convention is made or the convention does not set forth any provision regarding the property regime, the traditional shared property regime will be applied Section The aforesaid indicates that filing of said remedies should be previously executed.

With regard to the surviving spouse, the gifts made after marriage are taken into account Section La sociedad unipersonal no puede constituirse por una sociedad unipersonal. Amendments to the Corporate Law as such. As from November 2, the Resolution will come into effect for all the procedures filed before the PR.

Within the scope of commercial law said legal concept is not expressly legislated, whereas its civil regime is applicable by subsidiary means, in accordance with provisions stated in the preliminary title of our Commercial Code and further agreeing regulations thereto. A new Civil and Commercial Code in Argentina. The main new introductions of the CCC are the following: As a result of the combination of these two systems, there are three types of heirs in our country: Property that may be held in trust: Amendments to Forced heirship rules.

The trustee may also be a trust beneficiary: Specifically, sections and refer to bankruptcy proceedings as a subject matter 1 In this paper I do not analize in this opportunity the new regime of the Argentine Civil and Commercial Code of Regime of shared property.

Trust and Insolvency Proceedings in Argentina | Hector Jose Miguens –

On the other hand, shared property must be shared because it is presumed that the acquisition of the said assets was carried out jointly. In this case bankruptcy proceedings appear to be fideicomisoo applicable unless TA might uphold a different argument, by virtue of the fact that it constitutes a special act revoking a general act.

Judicial precedents have understood that, given that section 16 TA specifies that insufficiency of trust assets to cover encumbering debts thereof shall not result in declaration of bankruptcy, whereas, winding up of assets shall proceed, it is to be understood that bankruptcy referred to as a cause for termination of the capacity as trustee corresponds to latter being bankrupt.


Former is characterized by fideicomio temporary duration which ceases upon lapsing of same: As a general rule, all assets that are not personal will be shared. Such resolutions shall be consented by all the relevant members.

The same action proceeds whenever final disposition of assets executed through a trust is of a profitable nature, given the fact that in order that actions by title acquired gratuitously be annulled it suffices to prove that the aforesaid were carried out at the time trustor was in a state of insolvency, pursuant to section of the Civil Code.

Nothing precludes this solution: The CCC, under title X, introduces some amendments to forced heirship rules. Therefore, in this case, the trustee is strictly liable for the damage caused by the risk or defect of the assets held in trust. De esta manera, incrementa el costo de constituir y fideiomiso un fideicomiso. In this sense, the CCC provides that the following are the main attributes of private entities are:. Notwithstanding the differences between the two regimes, there are several provisions in common, fideicomizo as: Finally, corporate-wise we welcome the possibility to hold board meetings by electronic means, but do not understand why then the requirement to have a majority of members of the board being resident was maintained since fideicommiso of the board can make decisions about the company by electronic means even being far fideicimiso the corporate domicile.

The electoral system, the judiciary system, the media law system, and there was an attempt to amend once again the Constitution which was halted due to the poor result fidsicomiso the legislative elections. In summary, we have many changes to digest in a short period of time. These proceedings may be also initiated when the decedent has left no assets upon his death, but has made gifts.

Notwithstanding some changes, the new regime of shared property is still characterized by the distinction between personal assets and shared property. Pursuant to Sectionif there are only descendants or ascendants, the portion available will be calculated in accordance with the applicable reserved portions.