Peter James Carroll is a modern occultist, author, cofounder of the Illuminates of Thanateros, Carroll’s book Liber Null & Psychonaut is considered one of the defining works of the chaos magic movement. Carroll was a co-founder of the . Language English. An Introduction to Chaos Magic. Identifier LiberNullAndThePsychonaut. Identifier-ark ark://t47p93v Ocr ABBYY FineReader LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut .

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Chaoism As above, so below I am the universe The liiber force in us Is the hfe force of the universe The subtle force in us aether Is the subtle force of the universe The gross matter in us Is the gross matter of the universe To Chaos, nothing is true And everything is permitted Though it has limited itself To the principle of duality In building this world for itself.

Such a Transmutation Technology will deal in fashions, in ways of being. Denying oneself anger, one loses all the rapture of love.

Full text of “Liber Null and the Psychonaut”

The inertia of previous existences propels Kia into new forms of manifestation. Most of all they show themselves in the mind of man impelling him to love, to war, to fortune, or to disaster. Don’t waste your time on this kind of misinformation – learn properly! I’ve been studying all things esoteric for over twenty years and i don’t know what the hell shinola is or what it is intended for. Magical power is the key to the heaven-hell of the now.

To successfully lose the sigil, both the sigil form and the associated desire must be banished from normal waking psychonautuk.

Eventually flie sound may seem to repeat itself automatically and may even occur in sleep. The inhibitory mode of the gnosis is most frequently used. These rituals and exercises should be performed by readers who are in good health.

Liber Null is a good name because as far as true and meaningful knowledge and command of magick goes, this book is pretty void. The second impulse is the root of the mystic quest, the union of the liberated spirit with the great spirit.


It is only as notorious as the magician wills liiber. You will eventually have to witness the loss or putrefaction of every loved thing. Of all the forces which obstruct divination, none has more power over the civilized consciousness than what is called osychonautik psychic censor.

But Chaos Magick has no such limitations. Psyfhonautik have a weird way of working out sometimes. Surrender to pain brings eventual ecstasy and the necessary one-pointedness. There is obviously no spirit or personal survival after death. Atheism and Chaoism are presented in both their early and degenerate phases to make clear the stages of change, psychonautii to permit the use of the sacred cube.

The magician must begin to notice all coincidences which surround him, instead of dismissing them. Limiting behavior libfr that which tends to narrow one’s options. The magical process of shuffling behefs and desires attendant upon the process of invocation also demonstrates that one’s dominant obsessions or personality are psychonutik arbitrary, and hence more easily banished.

Any belief presented in this condition is likely to be retained due to the hypersuggestibility of the vacuous state of the mind. Two major themes run through this book: Whatever symbolic system or instruments are used, they act only to provide a receptacle or amphfier for inner abilities.

Students strengthen thefr magical will against the strongest possible adversary — thefr own minds. It is not the case that such entities are limited to obsessions and complexes in the human mind. Its task, although historic, consists in disseminating magical knowledge to individuals. An air of desperation is required in a life lived close to the edge. Thus it is impossible to cultivate any virtue like spontaneity, joy, pious, pride, grace, or omnipotence without involving oneself in more conventionality, sorrow, guilt, sin, and impotence in the process.

Despite its notoriety, chaos magic isn’t the blackest magic out there, but the postmodern twitch on the oldest of arts. Even when it is exteriorized in the body’s image it is not necessarily visible to ordinary perception. Nul read this book which is a tl;dr of the subject, and then probably think you know what it is talking about. Customers who bought this item also bought.


The work overall will be more or less useful to people who study it from differing backgrounds and perspectives. Drumming, leaping, and whirling in free form movement are accompanied by idiotic incantations. This is an interesting read. Yet it is precisely this ability which is required to execute magical acts. This is just the “tip of the iceberg”, so to speak. It is more to weed out the mere curious from the serious student willing to put in the time ,research and practice to get deeper into the more esoteric arts.

The rituals he advises in this book are extreme, and he readily warns that they may do more harm than good. I was absorbed in every page and this entire book seemed to be what I had always been searching for – ideas that I had always been flirting with.

Man considers himself a center of will and a center of perception. The author passes off several opinions as universal truth in Liber Null, only to admit that this is just one possibility of many in Psychonaut.


It feels like most of the stuff in the book is for some sort of positive reinforcement towards something, which is an ego boost, and therefor a bit troublesome. These are dealt with in a supplementary alphabet.

The present edition is a completely updated and edited version, which makes both works available in one binding. Paperbackpages.

Having communicated with the invoked form, the magician should draw it into himself and go forth to live in the way he hath willed. From the aetheric realm of nascent possibility only what we call sensible, causal, probable, or normal events usually come into existence.