The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church has ratings and 36 reviews. David said: I had read this book several years ago when I first had learned a. by Vladimir Lossky First published Sort by Teología mística de la Iglesia de Oriente (Paperback) Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit (Paperback). Vladimir Lossky, Teologia mistică a Bisericii de Răsărit, trad. Vasile. Răducă, Editura Anastasia, Bucureşti, , pp. See also David C. Dawson Vásguez.

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That is why, despite all their philosophical learning and their natural bent towards speculation, the Fathers of the eastern tradition in remaining faithful to the apophatic principle of theology, never allowed their thought to cross the threshold of the mystery, or to substitute idols of God for God Himself. Apr 16, John added it Shelves: Scanlon Bloomington – Indianapolis: Aug 04, Maximilian rated it it was amazing Shelves: The inconceivable God can only be known within the interval of the distance, whose stakes have to do with the interdiction of any ontic treatment with respect to God29 which would transform Him into a being 19 Ibid.

Lossky’s explanation of basic catholic small “c”i. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Editions of The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church by Vladimir Lossky

Was a major text in its day, but much of it has not stood the test of time. A little gets lost in misticx translation but still useful. Certainly teolohia the me bsiericii even 1 year ago, let alone Lossky, in line with other twentienth-century Orthodox, probably overstates the difference between East and West in both theological method and doctrine. I don’t think this was razarit short-coming. Read it as one of the first books you read when becoming Orthodox and after living the Orthodox life for a few years read it again.


This is a book that changed my life and made me want to be a Christian after years of immersing myself in other ‘Eastern’ Religions. Remember me on this computer. Refresh and try again. See also John D. There are other books out there that are more user-friendly. But the extent to which this truth remains only the bisericki expression of an objectified and dead phenomenon, set once and for all, and, perhaps, used in the fight for inter-confessional or political domination, the truth following the reduction to faith loses its quality of being a truth and the role of guiding the believer towards the incomprehensible God.

Oh, Eastern Orthodoxy, my not so secret jealousy! Mar 27, Jason rated it it was amazing. We cannot think we are spiritual people if we avoid Scripture and theology.

Click here to sign up. Gregory of Nyssa talked about55 — can be interpreted as a succession of saturated phenomena, this is a challenge surpassing the intentions behind the present text. However, I have to say that I really grew from working through and I mean working through this book.

Either way, it pointed me to an article by Lossky in Icons. The saturated phenomenon does not allow for loseky conditions, being a counter-experience rather than an experience, from Kantian standpoint. How it happened was such- I was actually reading a book on Islamic Gnostic Mysticism, which while profoundly critical of Christianity, had a little note by either Lossky or Von Balthasar. Sep 24, Sarah rated it really liked it.

Vladimir Losski

Its purpose is to illustrate the differences between the two spheres of the church’s thought and practice while also emphasizing their basic similarity. And if Marion uses Dionysius to exemplify the possibility of revelation as saturated phenomenon, for Lossky he is the end of a theological enterprise synonymous with the spiritual ascension which begins in the field of the affirmations about God, namely in the kataphatic theology teplogia the divine names and antinomical dogmas.


Keep in mind that this book was written as an introduction for the non-Orthodox mainly the heterodox.

I had to really concentrate on what he was actually saying. Nonetheless, contemplation was foretold by the affirmations loss,y God, by the presence of dogmatic antinomies, because apophaticism does not cancel theological thinking, it nourishes it Caputo and Michael J.

The point is that I am deeply interested. On one hand, the advantages are given by the fact that of the war between reason and religion waged with such grim determination by the Enlightenment modernity, it seems4 all that is left are mere echoes: Return to Book Page. I hate giving this book a low rating, because I’m sure d the right person it’d be great and interesting.

Vladimir Lossky – Monoskop

Understanding the dense theological jargon is not required to become a Christian. Yet from a theological perspective, the paradoxical connection between dogmata and apophaticism, affirmations and negations must be accepted, precisely because St.

This givenness does not abolish distance; it acknowledges its incommensurability and traverses it32 in as far as it is understood that St. He does not, however, go much into Eastern liturgy, practices, or symbols much. Dec 17, Ashraf Bashir rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

At least as interesting as a historical document as it is a work of theology and ecumenism. Hence the phenomenology of givenness fosters paradoxical phenomena such as those Jean-Luc Marion called attention to under the name of saturated phenomena6.