Louis Jacolliot (31 October – 30 October ) was a French barrister, colonial judge, . Introduction to Occult Science in India by Louis Jacolliot [] at. Results 1 – 12 of Les Législateurs Religieux, Manou, Moïse, Mahomet: Traditions Religieuses Comparées des Lois de Manou, de la Bible, du Coran. Results 13 – 24 of Voyages Aux Ruines De Golconde Et À La Cité Des Morts (Indoustan) (French Edition). Sep 22, by Louis Jacolliot.

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Occult science in India and among the ancients; with an account of their mystic initiations and the history of spiritism. He was iacolliot anticlerical and saw Christianity lois a poor imitation of the more ancient oriental religions. His oouis work comprises essays, short stories and prose poetry, noted for their cultural references, but made little impact on Romanian literature. Louis Jacolliot was a French barrister, colonial judge, author and lecturer Louis Jacolliot Louis Jacolliot was a French barrister, colonial judge, author and lecturer Charolles topic Charolles French pronunciation: Tschandala topic Tschandala old German transcription of chandala is a term Friedrich Nietzsche borrowed from the Indian caste system, where a Tschandala is a member of the lowest social class.

Tirukkural translations into French topic French holds the credit of having the jacolliog maximum number of translations of the Tirukkural among European languages, next only to English. Plot In the novel the nine men are the embodiment of good and face up against nine Kali worshippers, who sow confusion and masquerade as the true sages.

He subsequently became a prolific author.

Books by Louis Jacolliot

Today this library consists of some 1, volumes, of which about contain annotations by him, many of them substantial. Later this was embellished even further by William Scott Elliott. Member feedback about Unknown years of Jesus: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This is a bibliography of literature treating the topic of criticism of Christianity, sorted by source publication and the author’s last name.


Member feedback about Louis Jacolliot: With an Account of Their Mystic Initiations, and It is said in Tamil legend to have been civilised for over 20, years, with its population speaking Tamil. In Jacolliot’s book La Bible dans l’Inde, Vie de Iezeus Christna [2] The Bible in India, or jaacolliot Life of Iezeus Christna[3] he compares the accounts of the life of Bhagavan Krishna with that of Jesus Christ in the Gospels and concludes that it could not have been a coincidence, so similar are the stories in so many details in his opinion.

The classification of lost jacloliot as continents, islands, or other regions is in some cases subjective; for example, Atlantis is variously described as either a “lost island” or a “lost continent”.

Member feedback about Subterranean fiction: Member feedback about Index of Sri Lanka-related articles L: A majority of the islanders live in Rikitea. Hare, June 21, Criticism of religion Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Kersten also promotes Ahmadiyya founder Ghulam Ahmad’s claims regarding the years aged louls to age in India, and the burial of Jesus at the Roza Bal shrine in Srinagar.

FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions. Mangareva Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Occult Science in India Index

Follow the “All Files: Occult Science in India by Louis Jacolliot []. Speculative fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about The Nine Unknown: In the county passed by marriage to the house of Armagnac, and in it was sold to Philip of Burgundy. Among his works is a translation of the Manu Smriti. Jacolliot’s Occult science in India was written during the s and published English translation By the time he recorded the album, Davis was 48 years old and had alienated many in the jazz community while attracting younger rock audiences with his radical electric fusion music.

Jacolliot was searching for the “Indian roots of western occultism” and makes reference to an otherwise unknown Sanskrit text he calls Agrouchada-Parikchaiwhich is apparently Jacolliot’s personal invention, a “pastiche” of elements taken from UpanishadsDharmashastras and “a bit of Freemasonry “.


It seems that no matter how jaoclliot the idea, followers are always available.

Jesus Lived in India, Jesus Lived in India[3] promotes the claim of Nicolas Uacolliot, regarding the unknown years of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30 in India.

Among other things, he claimed that Hindu -writings or unspecified “Sanskrit tablets” would tell the story of a sunken land called Rutas in the Indian Ocean. Lost lands, where they existed, are supposed to have subsided into the sea, leaving behind only a few traces or legends.

Furthermore, his ‘discovery’ of Rutas is somehow similar to the origin of the Mu -Story. This work influenced Friedrich Nietzsche: The earliest works in the genre were Enlightenment-era philosophical or jacplliot works, in which the underground setting was often largely incidental. Jacolliot does not claim that Loouis was in India as some have claimed. The Bible in India: Digital Library of India Item Member feedback about Constantin Al.

Louis Jacolliot |

Published February 22, Sri Lanka-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. In just such a way, Nietzsche says, has Christianity “tamed” the Teutonic races. This book was written in the s, when reliable information about Hinduism jqcolliot just starting to filter back to the west. Among modern philosophers, his reading included Kant, Mill and Schopenhauer,[1] who became major targets of criticism in his philosophy.

The term can also be extended to mythological lands generally, to underground civilizations, or even to whole planets. He quotes extensively here from a text called the “Agrouchada-Parikchai,” which appears to be a pastiche of the Upanishads, Hindu law books, and a bit of Freemasonry.

Les Peuples et les continents disparus