Presenting the new biography of Lucille Cedercrans Schaible, Luminous Sitting, Torturous Walking including reviews of the book and information about Lucille. Lois Lucille Stickle Johnson Cedercrans Schaible. An Esoteric Psychology Profile by Victor Dutro Great Quest 02 DHY paper. Biography. Lois Lucille. The writings of Alice A. Bailey () and Lucille Cedercrans () serve as significant reference points in this effort. These teachings hold an.

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Lucille was one such teacher. However, her biography claims that she did not read or have knowledge of esoteric subjects and only began to familiarize herself with them after about Lucille Cedercrans — was an esoteric mystic apparently influenced by ecumenical gnostic theismparticularly neo- Theosophy. The day was clear and sunny, but at the moment of her death there was a clap of thunder which continued to echo throughout the region. At the same luciole, she traveled extensively throughout the United States forming meditation groups.

Webarchive template wayback links Orphaned articles from December All orphaned articles. The last thing I wanted was to become a spectacle at Lucille’s deathbed, so after a while I left.

Integral Review

BaileyinitiationLucille Cedercransneo-theosophypath of initiationpsycho-spiritual developmentscience of impressionspiritual emergencecedercran ageless wisdomwestern esotericismwestern esoteric wisdom.

In the early s, she began to shift her focus to Tibetan Buddhism, which she was authorized to teach until her death in Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.

These centers functioned like the etheric centers in an individual. Did I really arrive home too late to see her, or was she still here? The sky was a cloudless blue. The important cederxrans of epistemological methodology and the testing of esoteric assertions is also considered.

Lucille transitioned from this life on June 21, in Denver, Colorado, surrounded by her students. Each time I remained with my eyes closed, the same feeling of weightlessness ensued. Both consider human life in form to be a vital and necessary phase within the larger cosmic evolution of consciousness and matter, and both are frameworks that expansively embrace the significance of the Divine as both immanent and transcendent presence.


By however, Lucille was again prompted to form a meditation group, and in was introduced to the Tibetan Buddhist lamas that had begun arriving in North America. In striking contrast to the conservatism of her Depression-era, rural upbringing and early adulthood, her methods and training for awakening spiritual growth in herself and others were more esoteric and incredible than expected in that time.

Lucille Cedercrans

I thought about her constantly. Bailey until much of her work was completed, her teacher having advised against it.

On the surface was a small boat with Lucille and Padmasambhava moving steadily into an empty horizon. I knew from past talks with her that she welcomed it in some ways. Retrieved from ” https: This teaching series was designed to acquaint students with the presence of the Soul and cedercrns the means for actualizing it. I joined in and stood near the foot of the bed and back towards the wall.

In spite of opposition and lack of support, she was driven by her strong will to her spiritual path; at the same time, her strong will could demand daily adjustments from those around her, be they students or clerks in a store.

She would throw her things into suitcases, ask someone to send on her papers, and rush off. Tibetan Buddhists know him as Padmasambhava, the Rainbow Buddha of our current age. It was as if she had to accommodate her body’s desire to remain. Then she was hospitalized.

Lucille Cedercrans – Wikipedia

Some of her students were shaken to the core and all of us were confused about the best way to proceed. Undeterred by the doubts of others or more gnawingly her own, undaunted by the enormity of her task, her six children, or her lack of formal education, and never disheartened by her many physical ails, Lucille forged open the gateway to wisdom for hundreds of followers from Spokane, Washington, to Washington DC.


The internal disciplines of Visualization, Concentration, and Meditation, were designed to produce those evolutionary changes and growth within the brain that allowed the indwelling Consciousness greater perception and creativity within the arena of matter. But this was not a teaching on impermanence this was her death, her exit from this life, and it would change things forever. Bailey with which they have much in common, so much so that some accused her of plagiarism.

Lucille had once said to me, “Greg, hurry up and finish your preliminary practices, I want to do Guru Yoga with you before I die. Most of cedercrana writings were stated cedrecrans be written not from her own consciousness but were psychically or spiritually “impressed” on her by her teacher.

She considered the teaching and training she was receiving as Trans-Himalayan Wisdom Tibet was unknown to her then. Over the past several months, Lucille had had several health crises.

This page was last edited on 9 Cedercrznsat This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. For a time it seemed that she might pull through, but stubborn as she was, she did not.