: The Stephanides Pregnancy (): Lynne Graham: Books. Читать онлайн The Stephanides Pregnancy автора Graham Lynne – RuLit – Страница THE STEPHANIDES PREGNANCY: Harlequin Comics Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since.

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Why shop geaham us? This should of been more of a kidnapped book than anything. Modern Romance January Books The thing was their kidnapper was so ‘kind’ to prov This book really gave me a good laugh. Some have been stinkers.

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The Stephanides Pregnancy

It really gave me a good laugh. Yes, everyone in her family just overlooked the fact that her fiance cheated on her, and her sister slept with her fiance and everything is all for the sister.

But she really stood her ground not a weak woman indeed. You would think she would have a strong opinion about people that would cheat, being the recipient of such treatment, but instead she blames the one who was cheated ON and claims that the CHEATER, who had no intention of not lnyne married despite sleeping with another woman and had every intention of continuing to cheat even after his marriage, was such a good wonderful person.


Instead I ended up focusing on their amusing behavior. I like her with her wittiness and bluntness. Greek tycoon hero has an affair with the heroine that ends up in pregnancy. Angling back from her in a lithe movement, Cristos sprang upright.

Читать онлайн “The Stephanides Pregnancy” автора Graham Lynne – RuLit – Страница 13

At the end of their stay when they are to be rescued, Betsy finds out that Cristos has a fiancee. Preview saved Save Preview View Synopsis. It was as if every skin cell in her body were throbbing into new life.

Cristos groaned out loud. Jan 24, Shruthi rated it it was amazing Shelves: My only complaint is that I wish in stories like this, where the heroine gets bad press, that the author would fit in some good press in the epilogue. But, thee, not the most passionate kiss or knowing caress could answer the fever burning inside her. I did like that the heroine called the hero on so much of his BS.

So when they get back, the hero doesn’t want to be seen with her, because lo!


The Stephanides Pregnancy by Lynne Graham

Married to A Mistress Harlequin Comics. He wants to marry her and make them a family even though Betsy told him she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, the man who left her for her sister. Whether he cheats on heroine or cheats with her.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? Deserted on an island with a man whose sex appeal can’t be expressed with words In rather a daze at the new state of play between them, Betsy gazed down at him. Lynen course, the heroine’s backstory is that she stepphanides engaged to be married but her sister prwgnancy her fiance so she slept with him and got pregnant.

Of course he doesn’t tell the heroine this either. Which Lynne Graham’s heroes all possess. Her heroines are always gorgeous, strong-willed virgins who usually get pregnant early on and are always insanely attracted to the heroes. She’s an open book but had strength to defend her own feeling.