Islam: A Very Short Introduction offers essential insight into the structure and Malise Ruthven answers fundamental questions about the nature and scope of. Page i Islam A Very Short Introduction Malise Ruthven is a lecturer in comparative religion, specializing in Islamic affairs, at the University of Aberdeen. Malise Ruthven’s Very Short Introduction contains essential insights into issues such How must Islam adapt as it confronts the modern world?.

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Where Muslims, however secular or ‘cultural’, are beleaguered, as in Bosnia, a rhetorical generosity will include them among the believers.

The Quran ‘is as little concerned with the events of the life of Muhammad as Paul was with the narrative life of Jesus’. Thus Maududi’s critique of Western materialism and moral decadence was informed by fascist attacks on democracy and an admiration for the dictators of the s.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on infroduction go. Ghazali left his teaching post in Baghdad and spent several years as a Sufi travelling to Syria and Palestine before writing his famous Ihya ‘ulum al din’ — The Revitalisation of the Religious Isoam book which infuses the strict orthopraxy of Sunnism with a powerful dose of mystical piety, so that every activity from defecation to prayer becomes in its own way a ‘remembrance of God’.

The story emanating from the opening of sura 94, ‘Have we not opened up intrkduction heart and lifted from thee the burden that had weighed so heavily on thy back? Though the lines dividing them are frequently blurred, it is important to distinguish shprt them.

It means literally ‘the god’. Where, as in Egypt, a secular-minded majority may opt to collaborate with a government perceived by its critics as too secular, such non-observant Muslims may find themselves tarred with the ‘infidel’ brush.

Activists seeking to ‘Islamize’ their societies, bringing them more closely into line with ruthvenn they perceive to be Islamic law, ignore the centuries of nuanced and qualifying scholarship by which the ‘ulama reconciled the demands of the divine law with the realities of political power and the exigencies of everyday life.

He is,am taller than middling stature, yet shorter than conspicuous tallness.

The garrisons based in Iraq support him; the troops based in Syria under the command of Mu’awiya resist, and an attempted compromise, promoted by ‘Ali in malies interests of unity, collapses in acrimony. Can women find fulfilment in Islamic societies? A Muslim is one born to a Muslim father ruhtven takes on his or her parent’s confessional identity without necessarily subscribing to the beliefs and practices of the faith, just as a Jew may define him- or herself as ‘Jewish’ without observing the Halacha.


In one of the earliest passages of the Quran revealed to the Prophet in Mecca ‘God’ — speaking through Muhammad — curses Muhammad’s chief Quraishi opponent, Abu Lahab, for his persistent opposition, and predicts for him a roasting in hell Quran I have slightly modernized this translation.

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Just as ‘God’s speech’ as delivered by the angel enjoys a higher ontological status than the speeches of the Prophet xhort in the hadith literature, so the Prophet’s Life appears after the testimony of the Book. Much scholarly argument surrounds the assemblage of the text.

: Islam: A Very Short Introduction (): Malise Ruthven: Books

But the history in this “short” introduction is quite substantive. The author does not evade the difficult debate about the relationship between the West and the Islamic world, but succeeds in creating a broader perspective on this controversial issue. It animates Sufi-inspired poetry with constantly recurring images of divine love, challenging the conventional religiosity of what might be called ‘the ‘ulama establishment’. Other idols in the vicinity are destroyed, including that of the female deities al-Uzza, Manat, and al-Lat.

Published by Oxford University Press first published In non- Muslim societies such Muslims may subscribe to, and be ruthhven with, secular identities. His review essays and blogs appear regularly in the New York Review of Books and in London’s Prospect magazine ranked him among the top public intellectuals in Britain.

There is no coherent narrative structure. The following account provides the barest essentials of a biography that would be elaborated over time to encompass the vast range of the exemplary anecdotes forming the raw material of Islamic law.

His son’s general successfully invades Egypt, founding a caliphate there which becomes known as the Fatimid caliphate, after the Prophet’s daughter. Another food miracle in which 1, people are fed from a single sheep recalls the feeding of the 5, in the New Testament. It condenses more than is introduces the topic; I’d need a few more reads along with other shoet to unpack it. Taken by surprise, the Meccans offer no resistance.


But few people in the non-Muslim world really understand the nature of Islam, both as Ideology and religion. Given the vast range of human societies contained under the label ‘Islamic’, any process of selection or exclusion must also entail distortion.

In its primary meaning for example, as employed in the Quran and other foundational texts the word Muslim refers to one who so surrenders him- vety herself from the active participle of the verb aslama, to surrender oneself.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Truth and error, fact and fable, mingled together in an indistinguishable confusion’. These ‘signs’, as well as referring to divine locutions, point to the evidences of God in nature.

Vey 01, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: As Marshall Hodgson argued with passion and conviction, the ‘Venture of Islam’ did much to satisfy the needs of peoples in the urban regions lying between the Nile and Oxus rivers by facilitating the emergence of a common trading area based on the shared values of justice and fair dealings with God.

She was so impressed by him that she introductiom him.

Islam: A Very Short Introduction

If the divine will were perceived as one with the divine essence as the Mu’tazila arguedthen divine unicity was indeed compromised, for then God’s freedom of choice was called into question. Brill,cited by Schimmel, Abu Bakr, his close companion and father of his favourite wife ‘Aisha, is elected leader in Medina, following Arab tribal custom.

The book certainly outlines that well, but I would have liked a bit more information about how religious fundamentalism has hijacked this peaceful and entrepreneurial philosophy and turned it into this hyper-sensitive, intolerant dogma that strips women of nearly all human rights Such insistence on giving priority to God’s commands as distinct from his Nature or Being, however, was never enough to satisfy speculative minds or the mystical orientation of those who sought to penetrate the inner experience of the divine.