Read the instruction manual carefully before starting the pump. • These pumps may .. vid sådana tillfällen skyddas med någon form av hylsa. • Smörj samtliga. timely basis, you may not be able to vote by giving instructions to the depositary. Imsa transaction, to refinance existing indebtness of Grupo Imsa and Hylsa. Reporte Anual , Monterrey, Mexico: Hylsa. Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Technological Innovation Data, 3rd Edition, Paris.

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Do not allow children to play on or in the appliance. Assemble in reverse order. If this is the case, replace the level switch. Main wash, liquid detergent or bleachingagent Water connections Overflow drain Water connections Compartment 3; Rinse To washing drum 3 Intentionally blank Insert this information in the mznual provided on the previous page of this manual. Do not use flammable liquids in this machine. Check the measure between the shaft end and bearing race. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual hy,sa, Fig.

Filtring till hylsa, vevhus. FM38. 1-8

Control unit Front control unit 7 Main power switch Q1 Fig. Regular maintenance Contents Daily It drives the washing drum using a drive belt. It is recommended when compartment 4 is used for main wash detergent of if main wash detergent is supplied from pump.

In order to be able to put the puller blocks under the bearing, push the rear gable a little. In case of an error, the three LEDs will show the error condition according to the table below.


As the gas is flammable, do not smoke or use an open flame during this time. Jumper I no heat.

JVC KD S9R User Manual GET A

This measure was taken before removing the rear gable from the shaft. The card has separate checks for empty drum and stopped drum.

The lock is bi-stable, i. This is not shown here. Verify the strap positions on the cable for the lock. Control unit Description Manuaal.

Install the new capillary tube in the same mannual as the old one. Remove the door two screws in each hinge. Undo and remove the motor mounting bolts. Turn the main power switch to position 1 and verify correct valve operation and that it does not leak. The programme unit receives information on the water temperature in the machine from the thermostat situated in the outer drum.

Remove the front cover alt. The drain valve of the machine is described in detail in section The control valve is situated next to the water valves. The piston lifts the pressure hlysa against the drain valve rubber diaphragm, which in turn forms a seal against the outer drum, effectively closing the valve. Programme unit Al The steam valve is controlled by the programme unit A1. When the water rises in the drum and hose, the air in the hose compresses and, at two preset pressure levels shut-off levelstwo different alternating contacts in the pressure sensor are activated.

There are no Hyls valve on these machines. Undo the ground connection from the motor.


Arbetsmateriallista | Karcher HKS LM User Manual | Page 83 /

Do not repair or replace any part of the appleance or attempt any servicing unless specifically recommanded in the user-maintenance instructions or in published user-repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.

Rotation sensor B3 7 30 Service Manual Safety precautions 1 Contents Safety precautions Control unit Contents Description Y25 will flush in both pre wash and in main wash. Door and door lock Contents Description Be sure you have spare signs and labels available at all times.

This overload protector protects the motor during the start-up of the extraction. Heating Repairs 4 Main power switch Repair work on the machine should only be done by specially trained personnel.

Do not tamper with controls. Instruction for pulley and replacing bearings Service Manual 6 Fig. Main wash, powder detergent Compartment 1: Adjustments B, C Drive belt tension The drive belt is pre-tensioned upon delivery from the factory.

Input from programme unit: When counter unit is for single coin insertion A is always 1. Sometimes it is sufficient to loosen it from the shaft. Replace the valve with a new one or replace the defective part.

DC V feed Pin 2: This unit can also be connected to send control signals to external units for detergent pumps. Remove the door lock three holding screws.